Mansion of dreams in the Berkshire

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Placed in the heart of immense gardens, Blantyre appears as a stop over town in the early Twentieth century. In fact, at this time, it was the summer residence of a family affluent.

Beautiful in summer, this little paradise, aristocratic, nestled in the hills of the Berkshires, is now a hotel, a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux chain. His aura of luxury, however, does not curb our urge to push the door of this majestic Tudor-style manor.

A spa treatment allows you to extend
the time in the relaxation room.

A bit of history

It is at the end of 1890 that the rich business man Robert Paterson settled in this region nicknamed the “Switzerland of America” because of the many great areas that are located there.

The magnificent dining room, The Conservatory.

After you have acquired the property, he demolished the house that he considers too modest, but keeps the stables (now the Carriage House). Wanting to possess a mansion, he entrusted the plans to the architect Robert Henderson draws inspiration from the ancestral home of his mother located at Blantyre, in Scotland, hence its name.

The large entrance hall that recalls another era.

The construction started in 1901 and requires the presence of 300 workers. For the interior decoration reflects the English style outside, we bring the furniture directly from England.

The war and the introduction of the tax, however put an end to this style of life and, in the course of the 60 years that follow, the Blantyre is facing numerous setbacks. In 1980, Jack and Jane Fitzpatrick in fall in love, and are purchasers for their daughter Ann, which transforms it into a luxury hotel, recognized in the whole world.

In Blantyre, all rooms are different, but all are warm and comfortable.

In 2016, the mansion became the property of the investisseuse real estate Linda Law which, in its turn, undertook major renovations to modernize the place while maintaining its old charm.

A haven of well-being

Today, more than ever, the place is worth visiting in summer when the gardens perfume the atmosphere, as in the winter, while the snow brings a touch of magic to the whole.

The Blantyre under its blanket of snow.

After having put on his skates for a few hours, explored the half-dozen ski areas in the surroundings, walking in snowshoes on the grounds of the hotel or in the different tracks in the area, or be offered a ride in a horse-drawn carriage to a nearby farm, it is with happiness that we found this cozy cocoon located mid-way between New York and Boston.

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If, for some, the price of a stay is not an option, a short stop, the history of visiting this beautiful country house, enjoy a hot chocolate by the fire, take a drink, enjoy a treatment at the spa or, better yet, enjoy the cuisine of chef Jeremy Berlin at one of the restaurants, be serious forever in our memories. Especially in the holiday period, so that the beautiful mansion is drowning in Christmas decorations and festive events succeed one another.