Marilyn Manson dropped the microphone and left the stage during a concert

Мэрилин Мэнсон бросил микрофон и покинул сцену во время концерта

Marilyn Manson suddenly interrupted the show, held February 15 in Huntington, new York. According to eyewitnesses, a musician on several songs led rambling monologues, and then drop the MIC.

After Manson left the stage, the fans began to chant “F**k you Manson”.

“I’d like to say that the show last night was awesome, but it was terrible. Manson came on the scene with a spark, but quickly deteriorated. For a couple of songs, he led a monologue with the audience about how much we love him (or not). Asked for applause and other things than the usual rock stars entertain their ego.

I think everyone started to realize that something is wrong. When he was temporarily satisfied, better not. They started to play only to a minute to stop. Was a very lengthy versions of songs that Manson was mostly talking about our lack of love and other strange things. After an hour and fifteen minutes, he dropped his microphone and left the stage. After a couple of minutes a light went on. I think they played 4 songs. It was the weirdest, the saddest and the worst concert I have ever been, and there were many of them,” wrote one of the fans of creativity of the musician in Instagram.