Mathieu Bertrand believes that the Montreal Alouettes will give a chance to Hugo Richard to show what he can do

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A free Agent, the former quarterback of the Red and Gold of the University Laval has signed an agreement for two years with the Alouettes, on Monday. The pivots canadians are not legion in the CFL.

“I think the Alouettes are sincere, said the coach of the quarter-back, and the coordinator of the special units of the Rouge et or Mathieu Bertrand. It is a good idea on their part because Hugo is an exceptional talent. He will live a period of adaptation and it will have to adjust in particular the speed of the game, but there is no reason that Hugo does not play if he continues to progress.”

This being said, Bertrand is also aware that the Alouettes should not burn the steps. “It would not be a good idea that he is starting in the first game of the season, he stressed. I hope they will take the time to develop and that they do not rush not to his arrival. The strength of his arm, his footwork and his quiet are aspects that play in his favor. I’m pretty certain that the Alouettes are going to be impressed if Hugo gets the opportunity to shine. In Montreal, there is no quarterback established and they are still looking for a runner.”

“No regret”

Choice of 5th round (44th overall) of the Alouettes in 2003, Bertrand was involved in the camp of the Sparrows before leaving after a few days because of a sore arm before return to play his final season at Laval, which was crowned by a Vanier Cup. Bertrand had subsequently signed a contract with the Edmonton Eskimos head coach Danny Maciocia, where he had a successful ten-year career as a centre-back.

Bertrand would he have liked to get a real chance as a quarterback? “I have no regret of my career, he assured. I am very glad I have exiled in the West, where I learned a new position and a new language. I don’t envy the Hugo.”

The Alouettes also think to use Richard on the special units. “It is a new mode for the pros, where the 3rd quarterback leads the protection on the clearances, he explained. It’s going to be a little weird at first, but Hugo will be able to adapt because he is very powerful physically. I hope that it is more in the plans, such as quarter-back on the special units. Hugo can do the same thing as Andrew Buckley with the calgary Stampeders a few years ago, which was used for the gate of the goals and in situations of short gains.”

“Hugo is a guy that is very bright which the future does not depend on the football and I’m not worried about his future, but it is a nice trip to play in the CFL,” concluded Bertrand.