Maximize the use of their cell phone

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Few people know all of the features available on their cell phones. It is really worth the trouble, especially before you travel, consult with her provider and ask him to explain all the stuff that could maximize the use. This indispensable and knows how to make a lot of other things that take self-portraits (selfies), send messages, take his e-mails, or surfing the web.

1. The Apple phones have a built-in tool called Locate which enables you to know where it is in case of loss or vol To set it up, just go to the Settings section. For devices that do not have this function, you can download Find My iPhone, Cerberus anti-Theft, Where My Droid or Antivirus and security Lookout (in French). This last one even takes a photo of the thief when he tries to unlock the device.

2. Few people know this, but the iPhone (7 or older) have a very simple application to report an emergency. Just click quickly 5 times in a row on the sleep button to call emergency services immediately. On the most recent, it is necessary to keep the side button and one of the volume buttons pressed for a few seconds.

3. If you had the misfortune to forget his charger cell phone and we are traveling, we can look at the back of the tv in the room. Many have a USB port that will do nicely.

4. On a trip, always leave the cell phone in Airplane mode. Thus, the device can no longer use the internet without being connected to a Wi-Fi network.

5. The GPS operate off-line. The application Waze will work throughout the course, if it was downloaded prior to departure.

6. You download, before departure, the travel guides, the books, the articles and the magazines in which it was found tracks or addresses for our trip. You can also make snapshots PDF documents that are not on the web.

7. It ensures to do all its updates before departure and we took the opportunity to do a little cleaning and rid their device of all the unnecessary applications. It will be faster.

8. By dialing *#06#, we obtain the unique identification number from his phone. It is good to keep this information (you can take a picture and keep it with them). In the case of theft, it may help to trace, and most importantly, to recognize the device.