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Merrit Malloy Biography: Poems, Age, Husband, Epitaph, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Quotes, Books,

 – Merrit Malloy –

Merrit Malloy (born September 18, 1950) is a writer and creator from the United States. She is a well-known writer in the United States.

Because of her prominent character and quality substance, she was nominated for ‘The Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Anthology Original.’

Merrit rose to prominence after writing a sonnet about the death of NCIS. The sonnet speaks of numerous people who have recently lost friends and family.

The sonnet When I Die emphasizes the importance of remembering all that we have missed and going to great lengths to respect a portion of their memories.

Early Life & Education

Merrit was born in Pennsylvania, United States of America, on September 18, 1950.

Her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is White. Merrit is 71 years old this year.

She hasn’t found out much about her family, siblings, and other relatives such as her maternal uncles, maternal aunties, granddad, grandma, father-in-law, mother by marriage, nieces, and so on.

She attended a tuition-based school, a school, and a university in the United States.

Her astrological sign is Virgo.


Merrit is a well-known essayist and writer who has authored a number of well-known books. She has even been nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award for Television, Anthology Original.

Furthermore, she is the author of We Hardly See Each Other Any More, The Cost Of Living: The New Work of Merrit Malloy, My Song for Him Who Never Sang to Me, Things I Meant to Say to You When We Were Old, I Purr; therefore I Am: Never Before Collected Observations on All Things Cat, Beware of more Seasoned Men (A Dolphin book), The People Who Didn’t Say Goodbye by Merrit Malloy (1-Jan-1985), Paperback and a lot more renowned books on her name.

This plethora of books, as well as others, can be found on Amazon.

Similarly, Merrit appeared in the Hollywood film, Valentine.

Throughout her career, she has given books that are based on family, connections, and various aspects of life.

One can cry and laugh while understanding both. While reading her work, one can feel a few enthusiastic moments.

Malloy’s IMDB profile includes five film credits in addition to her writing career.

Personal Life

Merrit Malloy married her better half, Paul Monash, in 1975.

In any case, the couple’s marriage lasted only five years before they divorced in 1980.

She has kept her marital status a secret since that time.

As a result, the general public is unable to determine whether she is married again. She, too, has children but has chosen to keep them private.

Net Worth

Merrit Malloy has a net worth of $2 million. There will be no report on the new total assets for the present.

Social Media

  • Facebook: @merrit.malloy
  • Twitter: @merritmalloy


Frequently Asked Questions About Merrit Malloy

Merrit Malloy’s poem ‘Epitaph’ is a beautiful poem about the good that can come from death. The speaker wishes to use their memory to make the world a better place. This poem is an epitaph poem, as the title suggests.

Katherine Philips (1632-64) was one of the most interesting female poets of the seventeenth century, and she wrote this short poem as an elegy for her son, ‘H. P.,’ who died just six weeks after he was born.

Merrit Malloy is a writer and creator from the United States. She is a well-known writer in the United States.