Musicals: cape town on Broadway

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Spring break, Easter vacation, or just a long weekend. Each year, thousands of Quebecers are taking advantage of a few days of respite to discover the attraction of the glittering lights of Broadway, artery major cultural New York. But some are left undecided before the proliferation of productions grandiose proposed. You plan a journey in the Big Apple this winter ? Don’t panic. The Journal offers its favourite musical for a stay certainly entertaining in the cultural capital american.


After winning over legions of filmgoers, Elsa, Anna, Olaf and company make the jump from the screen to the stage. The story of Disney is revisited faithfully, but enhanced by the addition of new songs written especially for this new musical comedy, presented for just a few months. And according to the pictures and videos relayed on the web, the number accompanying the song Let It Go , promises to be particularly spectacular and, of course, magic.

The Cher Show

Expensive landed on Broadway… three times rather than just one. A trio of singers will share the role of the star at different epochs of his life to revisit a career that has spanned the eras (six decades to be exact). And all the major hits are happening, If I Could Turn Back Time, Believe, via Bang Bang, Half Breed and other I Got You Babe. In the program : sequins, wigs, extravagant and flamboyant costumes, in short, everything to make you believe in life after love.


Do you want to see a musical in the family, but you can’t bear the idea of hearing the endless Let it Go one more time ? In this case, fall back on Aladdin, the musical comedy inspired by the Disney classic that transports its viewers away from the winter cold to the exoticism of Arabia. A perfect opportunity to rediscover the classical story in waiting for the new adaptation of cinematography planned for the spring of next year.

King Kong

He climbed the Empire State Building in one of the most memorable scenes of american cinema. But in the past few months, it is on the Broadway stage as King Kong climbs. We thus find the famous beast, still imposing with its height of 20-feet for 2000-pound, as well as Ann Darrow, the young actress whom he éprendra of Skull Island to New York city. Although the proposal has raised some eyebrows, the craze has quickly been undeniable, the musical recording revenue of over a million dollars in its first week of showing.

Mean Girls

Who would have thought, at the time, as Mean Girls would one day be elevated to the rank of cult film ? Yet it is now done. Evidence to support, the scenario of Tina Fey has been adapted for the stage and for the past few months, Regina George and the Plastics reign again in the halls of North Shore High School, much to the chagrin of Cady Heron. Our suggestion number one for a perfectly output ” fetch “.

Dear Evan Henson

In just three years, Dear Evan Hansen has established itself as a successful staple of the 21st century, so much so that a film adaptation is already in the works. This story of a young recluse and solitary, and has quickly charmed the critics (it garnered no less than six Tony awards during its creation), but also of legions of fans. There is nothing better than an evening in the company of the phenomenon in order to understand the basis.


It happened in Oz, before the arrival of Dorothy. And Wicked you reveals all the details. This antépisode the famous tale of The Wizard of Oz presents us with Galinda and Elphaba, respectively, the good and the bad witch of the county of Oz, while they are only adolescents. Worn by the beautiful hymns For Good and Defying Gravity, the musical continues to run around the mobs, even 15 years after its first rising of the curtain. And for good reason. Wicked leaves an indelible memory like a footprint on the heart.

Pretty Woman

Well, yes ! The famous romantic comedy has also received a music treatment this year. And the result seems to be particularly convincing. The traditional narrative remains essentially the same, but this time, it is by singing and dancing that Vivian and Edward fall in love. And, interestingly, it is the singer Bryan Adams, joined by Jim Vallance, who sign the lyrics and music of this re-reading of Pretty Woman.


You want to see Betelgeuse in the flesh ? You can always try to say his name three times. But a new option now offers to you : a turn on Broadway. The cult figure, portrayed by Michael Keaton there are more than 30 years, is now the star of his own musical which is coming to the Winter Garden Theatre in march.

Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Tempations

The nostalgic of the era of Motown will opt probably for Ain t Too Proud : The Life and Times of the Temptations, an all-new production, tracing the work of the famous soul band, and R&B. In addition to the hits of the quintet, they can also hear from those who have marked their era, borrowed from the directories of Diana Ross and the Supremes or Smokey Robinson. In short, a safe value for the novice that will experienced, as soon as the first rising of the curtain, planned for next month.