My good friends

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Well, this week, one of my friendships has been tested…

There was about a month ago, one of my best friends calls me to tell me :

Hey, Buddy, Sunday, 6 January, is the feast of my girlfriend, we’re going to watch the series from the NFL at the same time. Make sure you keep your ” cheat day ” for this day, I’m going to spoil us. On the menu, just food football.

Immediately, I trust my boyfriend Martin. He not only knows how to receive, but he appreciates good food and loves to cook. And the “cheat day ” ? Let me explain. As I am training for Ironman mont-Tremblant this summer, I remain disciplined six days a week, but on Sunday, I spoil me. This day, I look forward to, it is what helps me to keep focus throughout the week.

Training pushed

Arrives on 6 January. That day, I have a whole workout ahead of me : 12 km race track of 2.5 km of swimming.

Fortunately, the race was great, even if it was cold. From the beginning, it started to snow, but it was perfect. This is what I like to run outside in the winter : the feel of the items that test my will. Just as I was starting to be the face of frost, the sun came out through the clouds.

Imagine the scene. It’s snowing in full force, but, above me, beating down the sun that warms me slowly decorated by the blue sky. It was simply magic to such an extent that I just had no desire that the race ends.

Departure to the pool… not the same magic. This is obviously an indoor pool, but the fact of arriving outside in the cold made it so that the water appears colder than it is. No choice, go, we plunge !

I launched a series of lengths at medium speed, followed by lengths more intense. I love to swim, but my race caught up with me a little, and you guess that I can’t wait for it to finish.

My only motivation, it is the buffet of junk food waiting for me at my boyfriend Martin.

Without knowing all the details, I can guess that there is certainly chicken wings with the sauce that leaves its mark on the cheeks even after being wiped off. I dream of poutine and pizza, but, as Martin is an excellent chef, I look forward to some surprises that take the stomach in a hostage after the first bite.

I left the pool and I find myself watching the miles down on my GPS. I know where my boyfriend lives, but I plugged it for the simple pleasure of seeing the distance shrink between me and my reward food.

A big party

I arrived at Martin and I found myself in a party of 30 people. I do the bise to all the world, especially in the celebrated, but hypocritically I planned a direct line between the food and me.

There it is ! After complying with the protocol of the guest that just arrived, I’m finally in front of the buffet coveted…

Ah ben tab*&?%$#@! That is what I see before me ? Salad of quinoa, hummus and a Greek salad. You want me to fu?%$#ing am bullshitting ?!

– Dude, you have promised me in the junk.

– Seriously I completely forgot about it and my girlfriend wanted to eat healthy. If you want, we will order a pizza.

– No, let them do so. I prefer to sulk and make you feel guilty.

I love you still buddy, but next time, I trust you to raise my cholesterol.