Named the best homemade ways to stabilize blood pressure

Названы лучшие домашние способы стабилизации артериального давления

These methods will help you to remain calm and normal pressure.

In Ukraine in recent weeks, the weather changes every day and subzero temperature sharply goes to zero, so people who suffer from drops in blood pressure have a hard time.

Doctors say that improve health ways:

Drink plenty of useful liquid. Water and herbal infusions, and herbal teas and berry teas cleanse the blood vessels from toxins and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, whereby blood pressure is “jumping” up and down.

Do not eat fried foods. Carcinogens from fried vegetable oils enter the bloodstream and clog blood vessels, contributing to their contraction, which may increase the pressure. Therefore high blood pressure is better to hold off on the fried foods and prepare foods in other ways, for example, cooking in water or steamed.

If there is fatty foods, only those that contain essential fatty acids omega-3. These substances are renowned for their ability to cleanse and rejuvenate the blood vessels, due to which the pressure will remain normal in all weather conditions.

Not salting the food. And hypertensive, and hypotensive patients should avoid salty foods because they retain water in the body, and with it harmful toxins. At least, you should limit the salt intake for the period of the changeable weather.

Definitely if you have problems with pressure, you have to measure it 2-3 times a day in order to react to the jump and to prevent the crisis.