New Brunswick : youth 8 to 12 years have shared pictures of themselves naked

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Four children 8 to 12 years in New Brunswick have voluntarily shared pictures or videos of them naked on various websites during the last few months, said the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) on Wednesday.

The RCMP has stated through press release that these young people were not in danger.

“Unfortunately, it is increasingly common for adolescents, and even children, share online pictures or videos where we see them naked,” said the sergente Chantal Farrah of the RCMP in New Brunswick.

“Once the content is online, it is not always possible to remove it. The majority of young people do not realize that if they share a public photo or video of a sexual nature and that the person shown in the photo is under 18 years old, the content is considered child pornography and it is a criminal offence”, she continued.

The RCMP is urging parents to better monitor what their kids are doing when they are online. The police recommends that you restrict access to certain sites, to check the computers, tablets, smart phones or games consoles that use young people, as well as to discuss with them the unacceptable behaviour that they may have on the internet.

The RCMP has also mentioned that drafting a domestic contract to govern online activities can help prevent young people do not make the mistake of sending pictures of them holding Adam or Eve.