New ways to pressure the professionals to Revenu Québec

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The professionals of Revenu Québec will intensify their pressure tactics and were now showing twice a day, the week, at the headquarters of the agency on the rue de Marly, Québec.

Since Monday, members of the Syndicat des professionnels du government du Quebec (SPGQ) working in head office are invited to take a break at 10 h and 15 h, and gather in the lobby of the building in order to protest against the slow pace of the negotiations on the renewal of their collective agreement, which expired on march 2015.

Until now, the gatherings are peaceful, and assemble sometimes hundreds of employees.

“We feel that there is a grumbling, one feels that there is a movement of the crowd and people say that it has been over three years that we were in the négos and that it wants this rule,” says Olivier Parent, representative of the section of the SPGQ and it analyst for Revenu Québec.

The strike in the evenings and on the weekends

This means pressure is added to the strike by unionized every night and during the weekend, which is in force since 30 October. The union says that the strike has no effect to the population, but that it “gives a headache to managers” since some of the tasks, including the maintenance of information, in the end of the week.

At the negotiating table, it is always the question of wage conditions which poses a problem. The union submits that the tender salary of the employer are less than the conditions that have been granted to the rest of the public service by the government of Quebec.

Professionals claim to treasury Board are additional. It is the “continuity of the expertise of the professionals at Revenu Québec,” according to the president of the SPGQ, Richard Perron.

“I, as a taxpayer in quebec, I want to have good professionals to manage the harvest of our taxes and our taxes fairly and rigorously to be sure that all those who must pay are paying for and that this is well done”, lance-t-il.

The president of the SPGQ said to have “hope” that the arrival of the government caquiste will be able to change the deal at the negotiating table.

National event

He closes, not, however, the door to a strike during the normal hours of work, according to “the progress of the discussions with the employer”.

In addition, a large national demonstration professionals of Revenu Québec is scheduled on Wednesday, November 14th over the noon hour.

At the time of this writing, it had not been possible to obtain a comment from the treasury Board or to Revenu Québec.