Top 50 Nicknames for Someone Named Amelia 2020 Update

Top 50 Cute Nicknames for Someone Named Amelia 2020 Update.

Do you need a cute nickname for someone named Amelia? In this article, we have compiled a list of all the cute nicknames for someone named Amelia.

 Nicknames for Someone Named Amelia

Amelia originated from the word “Amal,” a German word that means “work.” The English variant is Amalia from which Amelia is derived.

You may be among those who pronounce the name “ah meel ya,” if you do, you are wrong. The right pronunciation is “ah mee lee ah.

Short Nicknames for Amelia

Amelia is a short name by itself but here are some short Amelia nicknames:

  • Em
  • Am
  • Ams
  • Ame
  • Mil
  • Meli
  • Mila
  • Amy
  • Amu
  • Ami – Also means friend in French
  • Lili
  • Mel
  • Lia
  • Mimi
  • Mia
  • Mims
  • M&M – Reminds you of your favorite colored chocolates.
  • Mei

Cute Amelia Nicknames

 Nicknames for Someone Named Amelia

If you prefer cute nicknames, here are some cute nicknames for Amelia:

  • Meme
  • Aims – Ideal for a focused Amelia
  • Maya
  • Leah
  • Ailema – Play on the letters
  • Milles
  • Emma
  • Amelita – Spanish version of the name Amelia.
  • Mila
  • Mil Mil
  • Emily
  • Emmy
  • Emmie
  • Melia
  • Milie
  • Mum – Would mean more, if your mum was also called Amelia.

Funny Amelia Nicknames

Here are some funny names for Amelia:

  • A Milli – The Grammy award-winning song by American rapper, Lil Wayne.
  • Oatmeals
  • Meals
  • Meals on Wheels – For a chubby chick
  • Milly-Molly-Mandy
  • Mealsies – Like the dreaded disease measles
  • Meelytard – She may not like but teased with a name similar to retard
  • Meep Mop
  • Milly Moo
  • Moo Cow
  • Melly Belly
  • Millie Mayhem – Perfect for a troublemaker
  • Millie Mouse – Mimicking Minnie mouse.
  • Millie Mop

Famous People Named Amelia

 Nicknames for Someone Named Amelia

Famous people are a common source of nicknames, and thankfully, there are a lot of famous people named Amelia. Here are some famous people named Amelia:

  • Princess Amelia of Great Britain – The second daughter of King George II of Great Britain and Queen Caroline
  • Amelia Adamo – Swedish magazine founder and editor
  • Amelia Vega – The winner of 2003 Miss Universe
  • Amelia Bloomer – American feminist, known as “lily.” She started the newspaper “The Lily” which popularized bloomers
  • Amelia Bullmore – English actress
  • Amelia Bruckner – American actress, known as “Amy.”
  • Amelia R. Coats – American printmaker
  • Amelia Okoli – Nigerian high jumper and gold Medalist
  • Amelia Fiona J. Driver – English actress- known as “Minnie Driver.”
  • Amelia Earhart – American aviator and feminist
  • Amelia Boynton Robinson – an American activist, she was a leader of the American Civil Rights


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