Not easy to separate

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With the Brexit, Britain saw its greatest constitutional crisis in time of peace.

At the end of march, it will leave the european Union after 46 years of cohabitation. But the miserable state of relations between the british government and the leaders of the EU suggests that things will go bad before it get better.

The first minister Theresa May’s galley to accept the Parliament of London, the release agreement that she negotiated with Brussels, but it is paddling against the wind while the labour opposition shows little enthusiasm for the Brexit. Or against.

In the absence of an agreement, 3500 soldiers will be deployed to ensure the British that they will be supplied with medicines and food as it is feared the mess at the border.

This week, a hundred semi-trailer trucks were involved in a simulation of an aerodrome disused Kent to learn how to manage the transport of goods of a non-negotiated agreement.

Referendums 2.0

The events in Catalonia in the last year have shown that a referendum is a winner with 50 + 1 is not always enough to create a country when it is necessary to break another to get there.

It reminds me of the enthusiasm aroused by the possibility of a ” yes ” to sovereignty-association. “Canada cannot afford to remain angry for a very long time. It is in the interest of Canada to agree quickly with the province of Quebec, otherwise it will pick up with a big hole in the middle without a direct link between the two shores. “

Nations are composed of human beings emotional. The Europeans have been upset to have been rejected by the British who, themselves, have never been certain of wanting to leave the european Union.

It is a question of holding a second referendum to try to clarify everything, but it would first hold a referendum to know if the British want a second referendum on the Brexit.

There will be no easy task.