Not leave for players to influence

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Fatigue ? Eh ! We are at the beginning of November. Mental Fatigue ? Maybe. But can we put in doubt the judgment ?

When the Canadian was leading by the mark of 3 to 1 to face the Rangers on Tuesday, I am not certain that there was a mental fatigue. This is when the Habs dipped into the indiscipline that he has lost the pace, that it has lost its execution and that it has provided to the Rangers the opportunity which this team so desperately in need.

And there is a factor that we cannot overlook.

Shea Weber, Carey Price and Jonathan Drouin are the three players are identified to guide this team. Brendan Gallagher also has an important role and Max Domi has really changed the game, but it is necessary to turn to the three players of influence to achieve the set objectives.

However, on Tuesday against the Rangers, the balance sheet is as follows.

Drouin has shown a record of -4. Several turnovers. A night to forget. The day before in Brooklyn, it had offered one of his best performances of the season.

Price has made a mistake on the tying goal, giving new hope to the Rangers. On the winning goal, he did nothing to disturb the player of the ” Blueshirts “. It was a situation where usually, a guard concentrate will defy the bearer of the disk, and will attempt to snag the puck. It did absolutely nothing.

Weber is still on the injured list and, as the season progresses, we see a brigade defensive more requested and unable to respond with the same assurance that during the first three weeks of the season.

In the case of Drouin, is there a player more enigmatic ? Talented, fast, ability to control the puck, he buries all too often into confusion. It is much more comfortable on the wing and his play style has always been to take advantage of the whole ice surface. However, it fails to paste the good performance.

Price worries

The players of influence have the ability to have an impact. Drouin has struggled to combine his talent with the commitments that must be met by a player of his status.

In the case of Carey Price, should we feel some concern ? Is there reason to be more concerned in his case as in Drouin ?


He is the player of the franchise, the one that, based on the performance of past years — let’s forget last year and the previous year, has been appointed to make all the difference. However, so far, the results are far from conclusive. Is there a big difference between the Price of 2017-2018 and the one from this season ?

In terms of attitude, no doubt. It involves, he understands the issues. However, in terms of results, he made all the difference this season ?

Sometimes, such as when winning by shutout 3 to 0 in Boston. And against Washington, last week, when he made two stops spectacular in the third period.

But Carey Price, who has used the supporters of the team exploits the particular evening after evening soon find the magic that épatait not only the gallery, but, sometimes, opponents of Canadian.

Not intimidating

Ken Hitchcock had a good summary of the work of Price, two years ago.

“It is intimidating, it’s as simple as that. “

However, Price does not intimidate person currently. It still belongs to the elite of the circuit, that is undeniable, but is this the new national League, with an attack more explosive, with young people more talented players than ever before, which puts everything in question ?

Price is not the sole custodian of the NHL to have trouble.

Braden Holtby and Matt Murray also. Sergei Bobrovsky is draft a game on two. It wasn’t for Jonathan Quick before he ends up in the infirmary. Connor Hellebuyck has nothing broken until now. Mike Smith not more.

Except that Andrei Vasilevskiy, Antti Rantta, John Gibson, and Devon Dubnyk, among others, stand out.

It is in this last group, that Price is expected to be found.

On his return, Weber will give more luster to the brigade’s defensive, at least it is presumed, but in the meantime, it is Price who must take things in hand…

Quenneville has lost

In fact, the decision-makers of the Blackhawks had the choice between Stan Bowman, the director-general of the organization, or Joel Quenneville.

Quenneville has paid the note.

“We have confidence in Stan,” said the team president, John McDonough.

But for how long ? That is the question. The goal is a participation in the playoffs. However, the Blackhawks do may not have the numbers to compete, especially with the fierce competition between the teams of the Central division.

The choice of Quenneville isn’t surprising. He almost lost his job last year. The coach has not helped his cause by maintaining relationships rather tense with his general manager. Last year, he had criticised the leaders of the team have exchanged the defender Niklas Hjalmarsson for Coyotes to Arizona. He had flipped out upon learning of the departure of Artemi Panarin. He had not accepted the departure of his assistant Mike Kitchen.

In short, he had provided several arguments to the owners of the team to put an end to their association. It’s not with empty hands, since it will reach $ 12 million by the end of his agreement. Where will he go ?

Hockey Canada should be an adventure for the 60-year old man.

In fact, Quenneville had been highly recommended by… Marc Bergevin, at the time, to replace Denis Savard.

In the notepad

The Coyotes will be sold. When ? Possibly before the presentation of the next all-star game ? Will they stay in Glendale ? Do not bet big. Houston could be an interesting solution.

Houston and Dallas could create a nice rivalry in the Central division and the formation of Seattle is expected to drop in the Pacific division.

Donald Fehr assures players that it will be in the position to the next negotiation, after which he will retire. The players will try to find a replacement to Fehr so that it can participate in the negotiations ? This would not be a bad idea…