Olivier Mathieu wants to finish his junior to Victo

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Exchanged Ramparts to the Victoriaville Tigers last December 21,, striker Olivier Mathieu is living the perfect happiness with her new training. He hopes to remain in the Bois-Francs for the rest of his career junior.

Before they face the Océanic of Rimouski on Saturday, Mathieu had six points, five goals in seven games to Victo. Inconstant in its benefits to Quebec and was often unable to seize the opportunities that we gave him on trios offensive, Mathieu seems to have taken advantage of this change of air, together with the troupe of Louis Robitaille. Since the director-general Kevin Cloutier has made the acquisition, Robitaille is used on the first two trios of the team as well as on the first wave of digital advantage.

“It is different in Victoriaville, but I was welcomed as one of their own. I have chances for me to shine here and, without saying that I’ve never had that in Quebec, say that this is a new beginning for me. I don’t have the stress of telling me that, if I don’t, I’ll find myself on the three. “


Mathieu admits that the surprise was not huge when he was traded. At first, he did not expect to leave Quebec, but, when he saw that Louis-Filip Côté, Dereck Baribeau or Christian Huntley had been traded, he knew that his turn was coming.

“I did not fit in may not be in the mindset of Patrick [Roy]. That said, I feel pampered. I move closer to the house [it comes from Drummondville, ED]. I think I’ve found my niche for the rest of my career as a junior, ” says the one who wears the no. 71 with his new team.


As for Robitaille, he already knew Mathieu to have seen him evolve when he was an assistant coach with the Voltigeurs of Drummondville. Up to now, he is not disappointed of its performance.

“He wanted to play minutes of quality, and I think that he had not had the opportunity to do before in Saint-Jean and Quebec city. When we went to look, there was a need for a guy like him. It plays up to now in our top-6 and on our first numerical advantage, but they continue to go there on merit. Play on a third or fourth line, this is not the same pressure as playing in a top-6. Up to now, we like his attitude, he wants to improve and he always comes to the rink with a smile. “