Overwhelming victory of Aussant in Pointe-aux-Trembles

Victoire écrasante d’Aussant dans Pointe-aux-Trembles

MONTREAL — ex-mna Jean-Martin Aussant was elected Sunday by the activists pq members of the Pointe-aux-Trembles to represent their party in this castle pq which is now coveted by the Coalition avenir Québec in view of the general elections of next October.

Jean-Martin Aussant, who had slammed the door of the Parti québécois in 2011, has been welcomed with open arms by its first political family: he has received more than 64% of the votes among the hundreds of activists of the district of montreal.

His opponent, Maxime Laporte, who has harvested 36% of the vote, quickly rallied and assured the journalists that he and the applicant “will work together”.

Mr. Laporte, the young president of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste, was the first to arrive at the inauguration of the parti québecois. Jean-Martin Aussant, who announced with great fanfare his return to the PQ in the following weeks, had also chosen to present himself in this constituency, which is pq since its creation in 1988.

In this race for the nomination, Mr. Aussant seemed to have the support of the establishment of the party. His candidacy was supported by several prominent members of the party, including mp outgoing from the district, Nicole Leger, and the vice-chief Véronique Hivon. Mr. Aussant was also in the bodyguard of the chief, Jean-François Lisée, who was appointed as special advisor in February.

When asked about the importance of these supports in the election, Mr. Aussant has recognized that the support of Ms. Leger had a lot of help.

“These are the members who have made the choice”, has qualified the mp, who is said to be “so happy”.

Mr. Laporte, who had been supported by the ex-premier Bernard Landry and the member bloquiste Mario Beaulieu, said that he had not taken as a “rejection” the preference of a number of mps pq members.

“It’s part of the game, that is democracy. I accept it very well”, he said in the interview, all smiles.

Mr. Laporte did not ruled out to occur in another district. It is still “too early” to tell, he said.

Aussant remains confident

The new candidate of the parti québecois was assured that he was not intimidated by his opponent of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), Chantal Rouleau, who is now mayor of this sector.

The CAQ has, to date, no member of parliament on the island of Montreal, and she seems to want to get there, passing by Pointe-aux-Trembles. Mrs. Roller, who was in the team of the ex-mayor Denis Coderre, has resisted the wave in favour of projet Montréal, the party of the mayor Valerie Plant.

“The door-to-door begins tomorrow in my case, going to see the people, we are going to convince them that it was the Parti québécois that they should give their trust”, said Mr. Aussant, who intends to introduce the campaign, notably on the sovereignty.

“There is no election campaign which can be taken for granted. We will work as hard as it has always worked at the Parti quebecois here in Montreal-East and Pointe-aux-Trembles.”

Jean-Martin Aussant’s campaign was the swearing-in arguing for the experience and saying to the activists that it was in the best position to “block the road” to the CAQ.

This last argument has been several times repeated to the activists by the clan of Mr. Aussant, before the vote.

A hot fight expected

According to the projections in the election of Qc125, which are carried out by Philippe J. Fournier for The News, the election in the riding of Pointe-aux-Trembles promises to be very tight, and the Coalition avenir Québec would be in advance.

According to these data, the PQ has a 43% chance to win in Pointe-aux-Trembles. The CAQ would have 57% chance of victory.

In the elections of 2014, Nicole Léger had won the election with over 43% of the votes, against his rival caquiste Mathieu Binette, who had collected a little more than 24% of the vote.

Nicole Léger has been the member of parliament for Pointe-aux-Trembles from 1998 to 2006, then from 2008 to today. She announced in January she would not seek a sixth term in office.



– 47 years of age, he is an economist by training;

He was elected under the banner of the Parti québécois in 2008 in the riding of Nicolet-Yamaska, in Centre-du-Québec (now Nicolet-Béancour);

– Mr. Aussant resigned in 2011, criticizing the PQ for its approach on state sovereignty;

He had subsequently founded the party Option nationale, which has since merged with Québec solidaire;

– Before his return to the PQ, he was the director of the Chantier de l’économie sociale.