Photos sexually explicit: Tony Clement kicked out of the conservative caucus

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OTTAWA-The tory mp caught up in a story of extortion financial after sharing sexually explicit images of himself has been forced to leave the party, Wednesday, in the light of other allegations of a sexual nature.

“Mr. Clement [Tony Clement], at my request, has stepped down from our caucus,” announced Mr. Scheer in the afternoon.

Mr. Scheer explained its decision by stating that other “serious allegations” regarding Mr Clement came to his attention in the last few hours.

“This would not be an isolated case,” said Mr. Scheer about the controversy involving his former mp since Tuesday night.

The ex-minister Tony Clement would have been the target of extortion financial, after you have shared images and video of sexually explicit of itself. The fraudsters, who are wanted by the royal Canadian mounted police, allegedly attempted to obtain 50 000 euros (75 000$), according to our information.

Mr. Clement argues that he believed he had to deal with a recipient female consenting.

The latter resigned from all its responsibilities when the case broke out. He sat notably on a committee ultra-secret dealing with national security and intelligence.

Mr. Clement said he was committed to “seek the help and the necessary treatments that I need in my personal life so that I can ensure that this situation does not happen again”.

“I would like first to present my apologies to my family for the trouble and unnecessary humiliation that my actions may cause,” added Mr. Clement.