Pity for the Saints

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The wedding promised to be intriguing. Dez Bryant, the recipient often abrasive, had a chance for redemption within the solid organization of the Saints. A stupid accident has prevented this.

On his second workout with the team on Friday, Bryant was the victim of a torn Achilles tendon. On the last play of the practice… We would not have believed in a bad B movie, and yet it’s happened.

A pity, because despite their power, if there is a position where the Saints lack of depth, it is in the recipients.

Among wingers apart of the team, after the 70 receptions from the amazing Michael Thomas, the one who follows it more closely is rookie Tra’Quan Smith, with only 12 receptions. So there’s a huge margin that it had to be filled.

Of course, the Saints are relying on an air attack diverse, where several contributors in a variety of positions are involved, such as the carrier dynamics, Alvin Kamara, and tight end Benjamin Watson.

But the day that Michael Thomas will not be at its best or that it will be neutralized in a double, even triple coverage, Drew Brees will not have infinite ammunition to attack the outside of the field.

Not in trouble

Let us not think that the Saints are in despair not because of the unexpected injury of Bryant. In this team, it would have been an additional piece of the puzzle rather than the song key.

Bryant did was not as a savior, but in a role that would have been better suited after seasons when it became clear that there was more to the luster of his beautiful years.

By hiring Bryant, the Saints added not only an element of depth, but also another target that elicits respect in the defensive opponent, even if it has not surpassed 70 receptions and 1000 yards since 2014.

In the days to come, it should not be surprising that the Saints are turning to the reinforcement. In addition to Bryant, they were put to the test earlier this week another mercurial receiver, veteran Brandon Marshall. The latter has missed almost all of last season with the Giants and was released a few weeks ago by the Seahawks, his sixth team ! Other options will no doubt be the case.

A pity, because Bryant would have been mentored by veterans respected, would not have tolerated her tantrums of a diva and that would have required productivity. But still, nothing has changed for the Saints, who remain legitimate contenders for major honours.

5 points to watch out for

1. The four aces

At mid-season, the Rams (8-1), the Chiefs (8-1), Patriots (7-2) and Saints (7-1) are considered to be the four teams to beat, those who may find themselves in the four aces in January. Please be aware that in the era of the Super Bowl, 216 teams that started have presented a sheet of 8-1 or 7-2 and 194 of them (89.8 per cent) have made the playoffs. The number, 61 of these teams (28.2 per cent) have reached the Super Bowl after having presented such a case.

2. Brands for the quarter

The quarter-back Drew Brees and Tom Brady continue almost every week to reach plateaus, historical. The quarterback of the Patriots will begin today in the face of the Titans his 300th career game, including the playoffs, a plateau that only Brett Favre (326) has achieved before him. Speaking of Favre, Brady and Brees are likely to remove it today from its second place in history with 508 passing touchdowns, they are, respectively, 505 and 506.

3. Touched, Gurley !

The bearer of the Rams, Todd Gurley, will attempt to register a hit in a tenth match on, in the face of the Seahawks. If it does, Gurley will become the fourth carrier only in the history to sign a touchdown during the first 10 games of his team. The last to have achieved the feat is a certain OJ Simpson, in 1975, during the first 14 matches of the Bills.

4. Reunion

The Patriots will find old familiar faces, the face of the Titans. First, their former linebacker Mike Vrabel now runs the opposing team. The bearer, Dion Lewis leads in the Titans with 338 yards on the ground, in more than 33 receptions. There will be finally the half of corner Malcolm Butler, the hero of the last Super Bowl the Pats, who are experiencing trouble in having provided seven of the 14 affected by the password entered against the Titans.

5. A Monday with Nick Mullens

Unknown last week, Nick Mullens has already caused a surprise by running three passes of touchdowns in his first start in career with the 49ers. Tomorrow evening, he resumed his position and, if he redid the shot, he would become the fifth following Dan Marino, Kurt Warner, Matt Flynn, and Tyrod Taylor with three passes of touchdowns in his first two parties.