Poland: the mayor of Gdansk, wounded with a knife, died

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The mayor of the great Polish port of Gdansk, Pawel Adamowicz, was wounded with a knife on Sunday night by an assailant during a charity event public, is death, announced Monday the minister of Health, Lukasz Szumowski.

“The mayor is dead, is it not that long ago. It has not managed to win against all that hit. That the Lord grant him eternal rest, ” said Mr. Szumowski to journalists, to the output of the university hospital where the victim was being treated.

“Pawel Adamowicz, mayor of Gdansk, a man of Solidarity and freedom, a European, my good friend, has been murdered. May he rest in peace “, tweeted Donald Tusk, president of the european Council and former Prime minister, liberal Polish, born in Gdansk.

“In spite of all our efforts, we have not been able to save him,” said a manager of the hospital, Dr. Tomasz Stefaniak, cited by the PAP.

Personality liberal very popular, mayor of Gdansk since 1998, Pawel Adamowicz, has been hit by several blows of a knife by an attacker, 27-year-old, released a few weeks ago from prison where he had served more than five years in prison for armed robbery against banks.

Operated during the night during the five hours, Mr. Adamowicz could not breathe by himself and was left connected to the devices of life support.

The mayor, 53-year-old, had lost a “huge amount” of blood, causing hypoxia (a decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood), had indicated a few hours earlier the head of the health services of the region, Dr. Jerzy Karpinski.

The lack of oxygen in the body causes significant damage to all the tissues, he explained.


The aggression has caused a shock in Poland, a country that has practically not known of any violent incident of this kind since the fall of communism thirty years ago, apart from the assassination by bullet in Lodz in 2010 a member of the PiS (Law and Justice, conservative) by a man considered responsible for his acts, which had relied on his “hatred” of the party, then in opposition.

Commentators are wondering if the attack of Gdansk has been favoured by the violence of the political debate between the PiS is now in power and the opposition centrist.

“I think that the general atmosphere in Poland may be on to something. We insult, we attack each other. There is a climate of aggression in the air “, said to AFP Zygmunt, a resident of thirty years old Gdansk, by leaving the blood transfusion centre.

The perpetrator attacked the main opposition party, the civic Platform (PO).

Before being arrested on the podium, where he stabbed Mr Adamowicz, this man has claimed to have been thrown in jail, then he was innocent, and “tortured” by the PO, supporting the nomination of Adamowicz in the local elections of last fall (which the latter won handily with more than 64% of the vote). “This is why Adamowicz dies “, he launched.

Personal Motivations

But, after the first information, the motivations of the attacker, identified as Stefan W., appear to be more personal than political. During his stay in prison, his mental health would be seriously impaired, according to media reports.

It was heard Monday by the prosecutor’s office in Gdansk which was very likely to put in a review for the murder.

The Polish also question the security surrounding the event to the public, provided by a private company. According to witnesses, the attacker was equipped with a badge “media” that would have allowed him to be on the podium with his knife 14.5 cm.

The mayor has suffered a severe injury to the heart and other injuries to the diaphragm and the organs in the abdominal cavity, according to the doctors. He was transfused with approximately fifteen gallons of blood, according to a leader of a blood transfusion centre.

The attack took place shortly before 20 h in front of a few hundred people, on a stage erected for an action is a national charity raising funds to purchase hospital equipment.

The president of poland Andrzej Duda, the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, and almost all of the political leaders in poland, in power and in the opposition, as well as a number of european officials, have expressed their solidarity with Mr Adamowicz.