Productive reunion

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It was a great day of reunion in Tennessee. Several former Patriots are now among the Titans, and they have played a key role in tormenting their ex-band, causing at the same time, one of the biggest surprises this season.

As the Titans beat the Patriots, it already is amazing. They did, in the de-rating by 34-10, it is a shock. And at the heart of this triumph unhoped-for, the first of the Titans in the face of the Patriots since 2002, the former Patriots have not been idle.

Dion Lewis, the rusher, who left New England last winter, has amassed 68 yards from the line of scrimmage. The Titans have trampled their rivals with 150 yards on the ground by imposing on the offensive line. The candy for the guard Josh Kline, a Patriot from 2013 to 2015.

Defensive control

It is starting the game in force that the Titans have made the difference, the ones who became only the fourth team to register 17 points in the first quarter against Bill Belichick. This season, the Patriots granted that an average of 4.3 points in the quarter initial.

Defensively, the former Patriots also have hurt your current Patriots. The half of corner Logan Ryan, a member of the squad belichickienne until 2016, has managed six tackles, including a sack important to Tom Brady at the very end of the first half. Better yet, it was he who pulled down the pass from Brady on a fourth trial in the fourth quarter, putting an end to the slim hopes of a comeback.

His accomplice on the other side of the field, Malcolm Butler is having a season that is extremely difficult to its first step away from the organization with which he became famous for his memorable interception in Super Bowl 49. Sunday, the Patriots had not completed any passes against him.

Now that’s something to make you smile the coordinator defensive Dean Peas, which, incidentally, is also a former New England, where he led the defensive from 2006 to 2009.

A team well-led

Not a team this season does not give less points than the Titans, or 16.8 per game. Tom Brady has been the victim of three sacks and on several occasions, he had to ship his passes more quickly than is desirable since the pressure was strong.

This convincing victory, it is also one of head coach Mike Vrabel, who has had a successful career as a linebacker for the Patriots from 2001 to 2008 before experiencing a rapid rise into the ranks of coaching.

The Titans had lost three games in a row before their last two victories in the face of the Cowboys and the Patriots. It has obviously managed to keep the ship afloat in a context where the panic would have easily been able to chip away at the morale of the troops.

Sunday, all of the strategies have smiled to the Titans to attack, whether it is game fixing, of the option or the Wildcat. The game plan was creative.

The team is therefore maintained at the height of the race series, she has a folder identical to that of the Bengals (5-4), who currently hold the last ticket available.

The Titans are not out of the woods, but quarterback Marcus Mariota (16, 24, 228 yards, two passes of touchdowns) seems fully recovered from his elbow injury and when he is healthy, the Titans can compete with anyone.

The foundations of their alignment are strong, and that is the merit of the director-general Jon Robinson… who has been in the recruitment division with the Patriots from 2002 to 2013.

Ben oh well, these old Pats !



Drew Brees

The illustrious quarterback of the Saints has surpassed Brett Favre for the second-highest in the history with 509 passes affected. In the Face of the Bengals, it was the surgical precision with 88 % of his passes completed. A phenomenal player !

Larry Fitzgerald

The venerable recipient of Cardinals now occupies the second rank in history with 15 952 yards of gains. Several times during his career, quarter-back more than ordinary to him have launched the ball. He has forged a magnificent career.

Khalil Mack

Welcome Back, Khalil Mack ! On the sidelines since 21 October, the monstrous defensive end of the Bears proved that he was well in health with five tackles, two bags, a quarter and two tackles for loss. The Bears are in the car.

The Rams

Big victory against the Seahawks in a context where Southern California was hit hard last week by a massacre, by pests, forest fires. The team remained focused.

The Browns

Hard to see who claims a better trio of recruits than the Browns this season. Quarterback Baker Mayfield (17 in 20, three touchdowns), the bearer Nick Chubb (209 yards from the line of scrimmage, two touchdowns) and the half of corner Denzel Ward shine of all their fires.



The Patriots

The defeat hurt the Patriots in their race for home field advantage in the playoffs. The Chiefs (9-1) now hold a good lead. There are also the Steelers (6-2-1) and the Texans (6-3) that their blow in the neck, at the top of their respective divisions.

The Falcons

For a team that was down in the playoffs, the Falcons were strangely blah in the face of the Browns. They have been the best for the time of possession, the gains and the first few games, but have conceded an 8.5 yards per game.

The Jaguars

For once Blake Bortles is playing effective, defensive Jaguars fails. This team, which seemed at the beginning of a beautiful ascension in the past year is suddenly last in its division.

The Jets

What a match, shame for the Jets ! It would not be surprising if head coach Todd Bowles will lose his job after such a disaster in which the Bills have had the air power. Yes, there were absent in the attack, but the defensive has been shabby.

The Dolphins

The Dolphins have again missed a great opportunity to demonstrate that they are able to beat a quality team. It will be necessary to see if the portrait changes with the imminent return of Ryan Tannehill.