Quebec 21 asks governments to review the funding of the tram

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The official opposition calls on the governments to reconsider their decision to fund the tram, since the studies are inadequate.

“We ask the Trudeau government and the government Legault if they still accept to finance a project of $ 3 billion of public money for the tram, Régis Labeaume based on a study of 13 pages”, has launched on Wednesday morning the leader of the opposition, Jean-François Gosselin.

The Journal has obtained from the transportation Network of the capital a comparative study of the various modes of transport structuring that led to the choice of the tram. The document presents generic information on each mode, but did not explain why some had been rejected. It had 13 pages.

For the elect of Beauport, it is the evidence that the tramway project-trambus has been prepared “on the corner of a table”. He deplored the lack of details. “It shows us why the tramway project is the best project for Quebec,” he argued, waving a study of 160 pages for the REM of Montreal “, which will cost several billion dollars”.

Despite extensive studies published over the years on the tram and the BRT, this is not enough, according to him. He wondered if other more detailed studies which have not yet been made public, exist.

The opposition also deplores that, despite a request for access in march 2018, it has never obtained the document produced in September 2017.

The office of the minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, it says that the option to review the funding of the streetcar is “not on the table” currently. “The City of Québec has the full competence in the choice of transport mode in relation to the network structure”, emphasizes his press officer, Sarah Bigras.

“The network project structuring of the City meets the expectations of the government, including with the service, which is very adequate for the suburbs”, she adds.

– With the collaboration of Patrick Bellerose