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In the beginning of the year, many make resolutions for health ! And if this year you opt for resolutions for the whole family ? Change habits all together can only be beneficial to their adoption in the long term. Our tips from a pro for a year which fits under the topic of health !

The menus solution family
Isabelle Huot and Nathalie Regimbal
224 pages


Did you know that 65% of the families decide what they will eat at supper on the same day, often between 16 h and 17 h ? At the last minute, many will opt for the ready-to-eat, or fail to carry a balance on their menus. That’s not a problem, it is sufficient to plan the menu for eat better. On the weekend, take twenty minutes to establish your recipes for the week in the company of your family, please.

Make a grocery list

Depending on the recipes selected, make a grocery list organized according to the rows of the grocery store. The time taken for drawing up the list will be quickly made up during the visit to the grocery store. Also, try not to do grocery shopping on an empty stomach and you stick to your list, about reducing the grocery bill.

Cook more

Cooking more is the key to the balance. This is probably the resolution, the most important of the year. No need for overly complicated recipes, opt for those which require a preparation time of 30 minutes or less and are the ingredients easy to find !

Get the kids involved.

The transmission of knowledge of cooking is essential and is lost over the years. Get the kids involved from a young age is important in order to give them the taste of cooking and to develop skills that will be useful throughout their lives. From the age of 2 years, the child can do certain tasks in the kitchen such as washing fruits and vegetables or tear the herbs.

Eat together

Eating as a family is important, it is a grace period to come together, discuss the day in harmony. It is important to avoid distractions (tv, internet) in order to give the meal a place of choice in its day. The meal time is not suitable to blame, it is necessary that the supper is associated with the positive !

Integrate 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables

One person in two does not consume enough vegetables and fruits. This is particularly true in adolescents. By preparing fresh veggies and dropping them on the table, it is easier to encourage the consumption of vegetables. The soups, the salads are often appreciated by all. Think of at least two colors in the trim and always have a bowl of fruit available.

Végétalisez your plates

This year, for reasons of health and to the environment, we should all reduce our consumption of meat. The vegetable protein (legumes, tofu, tempeh) are more interesting for the health and the wallet ! Try to make two meals veg per week, or, as a compromise, adapt your recipes to make a half-and-half (shepherd’s pie with vegetable protein textured as well as minced meat for example).

Swap refined grains for whole grains

If the family eats bread made of refined grains, include whole grains in softness. For example, making a sandwich with half white bread and half brown bread or eating an evening of whole-wheat pasta and another night of regular pasta. Whole grains contain more fiber, vitamins and antioxidants !

Eat fish at least 2 times per week

Quebecers do not consume enough fish yet. Try to integrate the menu at least twice a week. If the taste and smell you open, start with the white fish with the subtle taste (tilapia, sole). Canned fish is also a good option for packed lunches. Choose fish from responsible fishing !


Snacks are important during the day. They allow you to keep the energy level constant and reduce cravings at the time of the meal. It is also an opportunity to eat fruits, vegetables and dairy products, which are sometimes overlooked in the meals. In the lunch box, it is necessary to provide two snacks, one for morning, the other in the afternoon. We will return with nutritious snacking ideas for the next few weeks.

Vitaminez your desserts

Several appreciate a little sweetness to end the meal. Desserts, fruit (stewed fruit, fruit salad, dates stuffed, fruit crumble) and of dairy products or substitutes (yogurt, rice pudding, tapioca, blanc-manger) are the best desserts.

Put a new spin on the nutritional value of your recipes

We can easily modify the traditional recipes to enhance their nutritional values. Using broths are low in sodium or without sodium, in promoting whole grains, by opting for a lean meat or even by reducing the sugar or fat by half in the dessert recipes. Do tests, you’ll be amazed at the positive result !

Limit sugary drinks

The cocktail of fruit, even the fruit juice without added sugar should be limited considerably. Child as an adult, it should not exceed 125 ml (1/2 cup) of juice per day. Water, milk and plant-based beverages remain the best drinks.

Discover new foods

Curiosity food always makes for exciting discoveries. Try the buckwheat noodles with a chicken stir fry with vegetables, add hemp seed to your yogurt, cook with the puree of dates, check out the fennel or daikon radishes. Make a game with the children by leading a small session on the new food.

Move together

Nothing more enjoyable than having at least one activity weekly family home around physical activity. Slide, skate, walk all together. A pleasant moment to share with family.

Good start to the new year to all ! Next month, we look at the Meal Prep, question to assist you further in planning your healthy meals of the week ! This is an appointment !


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