“Revolution”: in the face of self-

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Even if each of the dancers of the Revolution is faced with one or more other, mostly, he is confronted with himself, his ability of creation, to the questioning of a perpetual his experience and his talent.

Yoherlandy Tejeiro Garcia, 27 years old, Montreal

The step of face-to-face has not been easy for Yoherlandy who acknowledges having experienced a lot of stress. “I’ve had the misery to sleep, because I felt bad vis-à-vis my competitors. I like them a lot and they are very good.”

For his number, he remembered to have heard the song Oxygen of Diane Dufresne in a Cirque du Soleil show. “It came looking for me at the time. I told myself that this would be a good soundtrack, because I wanted a choreography more aggressive. She allowed me to go further in the interpretation and emotion.”

He has also spent a lot of time to find its moment of revolution. “It was hard and I doubted until the end. I had found something else, but it is a movement that had already been used by another group. I had to go far to find an interesting time.”

Willow, 20 years old, Québec

William-Nicolas Tanguay and Laura Perron took their time before finding the choreography that they wanted to propose for their face-to-face. “Creation has been a long time coming, but it’s part of our process of choreography. It takes so much time to think, and to think of all the details that at one point, there was a click and everything happens,” explained Laura.

The duo wanted to be certain of what he would convey through his number. “For this issue, we had so much things to say that could not fix our ideas on the vocabulary, the messages, the intentions, the costumes… It took time,” confessed William.

The time revolution was inspired by a photo. “You always want to have a strong sense. By going in this direction, the time of revolution occurs by itself, it is imposed on us.”

Team White, 23 and 25 years old, Sainte-Adèle and Montreal

The arrival of Mukoma, with his character of living dead, almost got the better of the duo Team White. “We were really surprised. A chance that Katherine and I have experienced because it would have been much shaken, said Alexandre Leblanc. He played very well its cards.”

The brother and sister were confident in their number, but they have increased tenfold their energy for a performance that is joyful, the opposite of their competitor. “Our time revolution has been extremely difficult to find,” added Katherine. It has been called into question until the last minute, because it was dangerous. There is always the challenge of having a quotient of difficulty high enough for the revolution.”

Marvl, from 22 to 26 years old, Quebec city and Montreal

In the Face of the positive energy of the Saf Squad, the eight guys Marvl were able to pull their pin of the game with a choreography of bold, all power. “We wanted to keep the Bboy and to show that we had against our opponents,” explained Tommy Tremblay. We were able to anchor in the energy that we wanted to have.”

Injured in the first round, Tommy has surprised everyone by dropping his crutches and embarking on stage. “Until the shooting, I was not sure of being able to do so. My knee would not have held on to the two passages 45 seconds. We decided to make a compromise and I just participated in the last block.”

Their revolution was surprising. “Marvl is a acrobatic troupe at the base. Our choreographies have always behaved times acrobatic. So this is not a headache for us. At the same time, it is not limited to what we can do, we try to make moments revolution of $ 100,000 (laughs).”