Ronald Henry Tooma will he be found not criminally responsible for a double homicide?

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SEVEN-ISLANDS – Ronald Henry Tooma, who is the alleged perpetrator of a double murder that occurred last spring at Sept-Îles, in Côte-Nord, will there be a trial or will he be found not criminally responsible? You will still have to wait a few weeks to find out.

During a short court appearance the 24-year old man on Friday at the palais de justice de Sept-Îles, the prosecutor for criminal and penal prosecutions Marisol Guerrero-Clusiau said that in the wake of the recent developments in this folder, it wanted a new hearing date, which did not oppose the counsel to the accused, Jean-Luc Desmarais.

The conclusions of a psychiatric report on the mental state of the man and his criminal responsibility have not been disclosed.

At the exit of the hearing, ms. Guerrero-Clusiau explained that she had discussed with the consultant commissioned for this psychiatric evaluation, but that it had not yet had the report in hand.

A first expertise concluded that the non-criminal responsibility Ronald Henry Tooma, who would have killed a 25-year old woman and a little girl of 2 years in an apartment building in the rue Brochu on the 23rd of April.

The Crown wanted to get a second opinion from another psychiatrist before making a direction in this folder.

Still in jail at the Institut Philippe-Pinel in Montreal, Ronald Henry Tooma attended court proceedings through video conferencing as was the case during his last appearances.

The next hearing has been fixed on 28 January.

The lawyer of the accused Jean-Luc Desmarais has indicated to the Court that this delay will allow him to explain to his client the following procedures.