Scientists have explained why the Earth could be plunged into darkness

Ученые рассказали, почему Земля может погрузиться во тьму

British scientists believe that the future of “space storm” will plunge the Earth in darkness, let the experts of the British weather service had recently learned. According to them, this can happen due to the ejection of coronal mass by the Sun.

Experts from the national weather service of the UK began to talk about the upcoming blackout of planet Earth. According to experts, due to possible coronal emission on the surface of the Sun will launch the mechanism of “space storm”. So, from space, like a wave, for a quarter of an hour on the planet will be omitted in the darkness.

Now scientists think how to manage to prevent such cosmic consequences. However, to have time to do anything in the case of such cataclysm of the planet’s inhabitants no time left. The reason for this is unknown the date of the upcoming “space storm”. In the media, some journalists have already published information about the end of the world, and users are actively discussing the apocalyptic harbingers. It should be noted, had not spread such statements, but none of them proved to be true in reality.