Sedokova lost in the fight for daughter

Седокова проиграла в борьбе за дочь


The trial of Anna Sedokova and her ex-husband businessman Maxim Cherniavsky, the General’s daughter Monica came to an end. According to the artist, she couldn’t win this fight.

For nine months Anna Sedokova silent about the fact that the ex-husband Maxim Chernyavsky took her daughter Monica and sued. During these proceedings, the singer is rarely seen with the girl, and the meetings were held in the presence of a stranger. The fact that Cherniavsky and his mother was afraid Sedokova is going to take a daughter to Russia.

In the summer the U.S. Supreme court put an end to the conflict between the former spouses. Anna and Maxim managed to sign a peace agreement according to which the custody of Monica was divided equally between the parents, but to learn the girl would be in America, but spending the holidays with her mother, and without monitoring by outsiders.

Apparently, Sedokova was dissatisfied with this decision. As the singer admitted in a conversation with his fans that very few see Monica, I would like more.

“Now Monica is resting with his grandmother in Mexico. And then will study in America. Unfortunately, I was unable to defeat the powerful judicial system and the cold war. Soon flying to her. And believe that all who love each other can be together”, — quotes Starhit Anna Sedokova with a link to her page in social network Instagram.

However, in July Anna Sedokova was able to throw a Grand celebration in honor of the birthday of Monica. The girl was seven years old. “Now, after going through the most difficult period in your life and embracing it, I realize that Monica showed me the most important lesson in life! LOVE always wins! Anger, resentment, jealousy, greed. LOVE is always paramount!” — concluded the singer when I wished daughter happy birthday.

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