Senile dementia of General Ketchup

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Well-known for his pen and often associated with Pierre Lussier, with whom she co-wrote, Sylvie Lussier presents us with his two cats now, both aged 14 : Mickaëlle, a pussy of Spain, also known as “roly-poly” because she is rather obese, and General Ketchup, a stray cat all black, named for his youngest son.

1. What is the reason that prompted you to have those two cats home with you ?

Mickaëlle was the pussy of my mother. When mom died, my father was not well enough to keep it, given her cognitive impairment. I have, therefore, adopted. General Ketchup, himself, was wandering. He arrived home around the age of 8 or 9 months with his brother. I feasted on the balcony, but when his brother died, I did get. The intimate the call General, and the very intimate, Black, because of his color.

2. Why are you more ” cat ” or ” dog ” ?

I’ve always loved cats and I’ve had several in my life. At one point, I had five at the same time ! I became a veterinary doctor really for cats ! There is a challenge with them, because they are independent and it is they who choose whether they want to be with you. I love the dogs of others. I like it, but I would not have the dog. I find them to be friendly, but too dependent emotionally.

3. How to describe in a few sentences the personality of your cats ?

Mickaëlle, it is the president of the assembly, a Germaine ! She manages and leads, a bit like my mother. She is very vocal and asks for what she wants. She asks to be rocked. My second coffee of the morning, I have to take it with Mickaëlle on the knees. She got here while there were several cats. She started to empty the dishes of food for not that the other cats eat. She has fattened… so much so that when she walks on the floor, the floors creak and you have the impression that there is a man at the top. She didn’t want to get caught for the photo… General, to him, this is the ” lover boy “, the lovers. He looks at you with his eyes in the fat of bine : it feels good to the ego ! It’s never quite stuck. He comes to see the visit, he loves the world and is hyper-social. These are two good cats ; animals pleasant.

4. Tell us a fact comical, unusual or particular about your cats.

My bed, this is the Gaza strip ! Each cat has its own territory and it is not necessary that they encroach one on the other. They tolerate, but no more.

5. Tell us one of their bad moves.

They are not really bad moves, but in General began to suffer from senile dementia. Sometimes, he looks lost and crying in the night. It makes me sad. During his routine, where he leaves out the back door and walks through the front door, it gets lost sometimes in the way, in the daylilies. There, he screams to death… So much that the neighbors come out to sound… as if I was a bad mother, a without heart.

6. What is their favourite place ?

Be between the keyboard and the screen of the computer, when writing, Peter and me. It is the brawl between the two to know who will be there.

7. How can animals be a source of inspiration for you ?

I’ve always written emissions where there were animals. The relationship between humans and animals is essential for me. During the development period of the new series, I was living in insecurity. I’ve done more insomnia during the course of the last two years than in my entire life. Thank god ! I had General. When he comes to see me in the night, and he purrs, he lets me sleep, and the next day, I can work better. It is a good source of zen !

8. What is their favorite activity ?

General likes to stick on us. It is never quite stuck ! Mickaëlle request his brush near the wardrobe when she wants to be brushed.

About Sylvie Lussier

  • Formerly a veterinarian, it is well-known as a writer and tv host.
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