Seven good reasons to go to Cartagena, Colombia

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Cartagena in Colombia is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in South America. This tourist city is very safe and those who want to the beach can enjoy nearby. Here are seven good reasons to go there.

1. The historic centre

Inscribed in the world heritage of UNESCO, the historic centre of Cartagena (Cartagena in Spanish) is admirable. Surrounded by ramparts, this town with narrow streets is dotted with flower-filled balconies, beautiful colonial houses, churches and squares were exquisite. It is through the Torre del reloj (the clock Tower). Since there is very little traffic, this neighborhood is ideal for strolling. The plaza de Santo Domingo lends itself well to a drink on the terrace after having visited the church located there. The small squares Fernández Madrid and San Diego are also worth the detour. The only snag in this whole area, the multitude of vendors hat and water that will approach you.

2. Fort of San Felipe of Barajas

Built in the 16th and 17th centuries to deter the pirates, and States like the british crown, the fort of San Felipe de Barajas protects the bay on which the city can be attacked, since a collision is impossible by the coast. It should be noted that no gun was pointed towards the city, as if the fortress had been taken, they could be used to destroy it. It is crossed by small tunnels that visitors can take to move incognito from one section to the other. A nice way to put themselves in the shoes of a soldier! Don’t miss the cartoon that explains the history of the site, extremely informative.

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3. Museums

The Palace of the inquisition (Palacio de la Inquisición) has a name a little misleading, since it is in the museum of the history of Cartagena. The museum is located in a beautiful colonial building in front of the beautiful plaza Bolivar. A section of the exhibition, however, is devoted to the inquisition, since this building was the third place in the Americas to host a tribunal in order to chastise the heretics, after Mexico city and Lima, the capital of Peru.

Nearby, the Museum of modern art (Museo de arte moderno) is the ideal place to discover the painters columbians of the 20th century. A temporary exhibition of the artist Pedro Ruiz this winter is definitely worth a visit.

4. Getsemani

Another old district of Cartagena, Getsemani was inhabited by artisans and labourers. Even if this area is becoming more touristy, it is still very residential. The inhabitants come out of their plastic chairs on the sidewalk to sit down and talk and open their windows to listen to music. The small Plaza de la Trinidad is very lively in the evenings while the Plazuela del pozo offers a great atmosphere of the area just to the side. It is also found in Getsemani many bars, restaurants and hostels, as well as beautiful murals.

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5. Cafe Havana

The place to be for salsa dancing-or just soak up a festive atmosphere, the Café Havana in fulfilling its promises. The musicians played on-the-spot, and a wooden bar in U which is a perfect place to see or be seen, this place is always very busy. Its old photos on the walls and its fans as they fly give the mouth. Steeped in history, this bar of Getsemani was still beautiful nights in front of him…

6. Las Bovedas

To find arts and crafts or a gift to bring, go to Las Bovedas. It is a series of 23 arches placed in the fortifications of the old city, but the storefront is in a beautiful colonnade painted in yellow. Built at the end of the 18th century, this structure has the bomb-proof has been designed to accommodate prisoners. From there, you can climb up on the ramparts facing the sea to watch the sunset.

7. Mud volcano

If you are looking for an unusual experience, the “volcano” of mud, El Totumo is for you. Located forty kilometers from Cartagena, this hill some twenty feet and can accommodate fifteen people at once in his lair, which consists in a kind of quagmire. We are bathed in this liquid grey and dense. At the exit, people will be happy to wash to remove the mud, for a small tip. A piece of advice, don’t take your shirt nine to go!

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Good to know: Air Transat offers non-stop flights between Montreal and Cartagena during the winter.