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CHICAGO | The supporters of the Impact had already started spending the money from the transfer of four million dollars to Alejandro Silva to Uruguay, but they have had a good dose of realism, yesterday.

Rémi Garde has explained that the bulk of this sum had served to pay the players already under contract with the team. A bit like if they had lived on credit, knowing that Silva would be sold.

This is particularly the case for wage increases of Evan Bush and Daniel Lovitz, the return of Bacary Sagna and the arrival of Harry Novillo and Maximiliano Urruti.

In short, those who dreamed yet a striker first plan will have to revise their expectations downward because the team is a bit of a bind financially.


“We must be aware that we are working with a salary cap and constraints are what they are,” explained the coach after the session of the consolation bracket.

“I work within a financial framework that I have set, and at this level it is not in a position where it can consider acquisitions that would make everyone happy, the coach first. “

If the money transfer of Silva has already been spent, it is because the Guard wished to retain the players that it was important for its workforce.

“These are commitments that were made last year, this is what it was explained to me.

To keep the players that I felt were important, that is the money that was used to it. Evan Bush and Daniel Lovitz were very popular in the league. “


In addition, Care believes that the arrival of Maxi Urruti and Harry Novillo comes to solve some problems.

“We made two acquisitions that come to the a, to fill a post where there was no player to fill this role last year as a finisher, and Maxi came for it.

The loss of Alejandro Silva is filled by the arrival of Harry Novillo, who can play on the right even if this is not his best position. I totally trust. “

The guard was then forced to decide between Rod Fanni and Bacary Sagna, and his choice was pragmatic.

“It was a really tough choice for me to have to choose between Bacary and Rod, who have been important. There was no right side, and it is for this reason that there has been a preference for Bacary. “

Behind Sagna, it is thin, especially as everything leads us to believe that Michael Petrasso will not be back. Therefore, there is an opportunity for the young Québec Émile Legault, who has been invited to the camp of the team.

“Émile Legault is going to come to the camp because I liked the boy and he was a very good school in France. I hope that he will seize the opportunity to rejuvenate the group. “


Guard wants to be positive, but his comments are likely to discourage supporters, who hoped to see the team make one or two acquisitions by the beginning of the season.

With the departure of Silva, it remains doubtful to the right while Urruti, who should be the attacker advanced, has never scored more than 12 goals in a season in the MLS and has crossed the milestone of 10 goals only twice in six seasons.

And for reinforcements, it seems that it is actually completed, unless the Impact adds attacking depth.

Therefore, you should not expect a big catch as the Franco-Turkish Umzut Bozok, whose name has been circulating this week.