Shot down fans of the world Cup taxi driver sentenced

Сбившему фанатов ЧМ таксисту вынесли приговор

AGN “Moscow” / Igor Stadnik

The Tver court of Moscow sentenced to forced labor cabbie Chyngyz Anarbek, brought down pedestrians on sidewalk in the centre of the capital, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court Anastasia Jurco.

Anarbek fully admitted his guilt and assured that he repents. He said he got a taxi driver just a month before the incident and worked very hard to pay off debts. The car he had rented, worked without sleep for many days and in the time of the accident due to fatigue confused the gas and brake.

“The court decided to appoint As a penalty one year and six months of forced labor with deduction of 15% of the salary income of the state,” said Dzurko.

She explained that before the sentence in force, the as will remain in custody.

In addition, it is prohibited to drive a car.

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