Six fabulous locations of the iron Throne

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The eighth and final season of the archipopulaire series The iron throne (Game of Thrones) will be played from April 2019. Because the wait is almost unbearable, why not enjoy it to dream of the next trip in the most beautiful places of shooting the series around the world ?


The gates of the city of Ouarzazate – known as the moroccan Hollywood, the Studios CLA are visited daily by fans of the series. You will discover two studios and various film sets erected in the heart of the desert (there were also tours of scenes from the movies Gladiator, Kingdom of heaven, Asterix and Obelix, The Mummy, and the series Vikings). The most impressive ? The fake castle preview-season 4 of game of thrones. The guide we place elsewhere in the exact location where was Khaleesi when she released the horde of slaves, images of the scene in question on his electronic device to the support.

Northern Ireland

By downloading the “Game of Thrones Rental Map” on their phones, the fans of the series leave the discovery of its filming locations across Northern Ireland. In the car, they go to capture Cairncastle, the valley of Shillanavogy, the cave of Cushendun (where Mélisandre gives birth to the baby in the shade), the bay Murlough and Fairhead (place of reunion of Theon and his sister), Downhill beach and the temple Mussenden. The most beautiful of these ten judgments is still to Dark Hedge, where we have seen the escape of Arya from the fictional town of King’s Landing under the superb avenue of beech trees several times centenaries (photo).


The Grotagja – the famous cave love Jon Snow and Ygritte – is located in the beautiful Iceland. Just like the glacier blue and the grey forming “the lands of the eternal winter” where are born the famous Walkers white, the spectacular fields of dried lava lake Myvatn and Dimmuborgir, as well as the black sand beaches of Vik i Myrdal (photo). Simply spectacular !


This is not a secret for anyone : seasons 2 to 5 and a few scenes of the season 6 of game of thrones were filmed in the beautiful Croatia. The city of King’s Landing is actually Dubrovnik’s old town – a world heritage of UNESCO – which, because it is fortified, has a breath-taking architecture and is surrounded by water, becomes the set ideal for a series medieval.

The impressive facade of the Palace of Diocletian (UNESCO) and the streets of the city of Split, the walled city of Sibenik (UNESCO), the impressive walls of Ston, as well as the national park of Krka are other places that can be seen throughout the series.


The team of the iron Throne has spent a lot of time in Spain, especially in Seville and Girona. While we have been able to see the cathedral, the jewish quarter and the arab baths of Girona in the season 6, it has transformed the alcazar (pictured) and the spectacular gardens of Seville – that it is imperative to go visit ! – in the residence of House Martell in Dorne. There are other places to shoot spaniards in Osuna, Córdoba, Barcelona, Navarra and Guadalajara.


A dozen places maltese have mutated into places of filming of the series during the first season. This is the case of the streets of Valletta, fort, medieval St Angelo, the streets and the Square of Mdina, fort Ricasoli (in the photo), the monastery of St Dominic of Rabat, the palace of San Anton and its gardens, as well as cliffs of Mtahleb that has been transformed into a site of encampment of the Dothrakis.