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On Sunday, 6 January, our friend Claude Villeneuve, skilful pen poetic signed a very beautiful text in praise of idleness. “Is there a greater pleasure than to spend a Sunday, hanging out, reading a Newspaper and using a third coffee ? In addition, it does not cost almost nothing.” We could add to this list of small pleasures, music and a very pleasant novelty.

To be happy

Simply Jazz, a duo composed of guitarist Robert Ménard , and the veteran Michel Donato on double bass will ” lie ” and for those for whom the note is blue no matter what. These two veterans who know one end on the issue have chosen the simplicity and the good taste. Forgetting the rhythm section, they engage in dialogue on standards that have passed the bar of the time, and the result inspires us to push a little more in the couch. Let it go the cold wave, and focus on the simple game of these performers who revisit : Tangerine

, I Wish You Love

or It Ain’t Necessarily So.

Between the melodic beauty and sophistication, this disc will accompany you during the evening by the fireside.