Soon a new one-man show

Bruno Lapointe

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Sylvain Larocque is preparing slowly, but surely, his return on stage with a new one-man show, which will be officially launched in 2020.

“It is expected the stand-up american. I come back a little bit to my origins to me with the stand-up american, and less than numbers and more than “a line, a punch”. This will be a show of an hour and a half that hits hard. It is in writing now and we’re going to test it in 2019 “, he says, met at the premiere of the show, Virginie Fortin, at Théâtre Outremont.

The comedian advantage of it to detach from the intellect and to draw more in his new spirituality, that which is acquired with age.

“I will speak greatly of transitions. The choice of the paths that we made. I’m not in a cult or in any form of religion, but my mother, who is an old hippie, believed in an explanation, a link, or a unit, ” he says.