Spanish Nicknames for Guys and Girls Latest Update 2020

Spanish Nicknames for Guys and Girls Latest Update 2020.

Spanish Nicknames for Guys and Girls: We realize that choosing a proper nickname in a language you don’t speak could be incredibly difficult. We also know that you could have a Hispanic girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend you might need a Spanish nickname for.

Spanish Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Most Spanish nicknames can be used for both sexes; the only difference is the way it is written. When you see a nickname with one word, it is a unisex Spanish nickname.

When there are two words separated by a slash, the first word is used for guys and the second for ladies.

Pronunciations are in brackets. You can use these few guidelines to form a Spanish Nicknames for your girl or your guy.

Cute Spanish Nicknames

If you need cute names to call someone in Spanish, try any of the following sweet Spanish nicknames.

  • Guapo/guapa (gooapoh/gooahpah) – it means pretty, and it can be used on anyone you consider so, or it could be used ironically.
  • Chiqui (cheekee) – the origin of this word is related to the Spanish word “Chiquito” which means something tiny. It can be used with anyone whom you want to refer to sweetly.
  • Mono/mona (monoh/monah) – it means monkey, but it is used to describe someone who is cute.
  • Monito/Monita (moneeto/moeetah) – this nickname translates as the diminutive of monkey, and it is a sweet way to call someone cute.
  • Tipazo (teepahtho) – this Spanish nickname is used to describe women who have a beautiful body.
  • Muñeca (moonyehkah) – A cute and pretty lady.
  • Dulzura (dulthoorah) – a cute Spanish nickname for an adorable person.
  • Cañita de azúcar (kanyeetah deh ahthoocahr) – also used for people who are kind and adorable.
  • Pedacito de cielo (pehdahtheeto deh theealoh) – it means “piece of sky,” and it is used for someone you adore.
  • Nina (neenah) – a cute Spanish nickname for cute girls.

Nicknames for boyfriend or girlfriend

Spanish Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Lets look at Spanish Nicknames for boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are searching for nicknames to call your lover in Spanish, check below for cute Nicknames. so you choose and rock!

  • Lindo/Linda (lindoh/lindah) – this is mostly used in Latin American countries, and it can be used when someone is beautiful to you.
  • Hermoso/Hermosa (ermohsoh/ehrmohsa) – it is a nickname which can be used with someone whom you find extremely beautiful.
  • Azúcar (ahthukar) – meaning sugar.
  • Cari (karee) – a diminutive form of care in Spanish, and it can be applied to anyone for whom you feel that emotion.
  • (Mi) corazón (kohrathon) – in Spanish it means heart, and it is used to describe someone whom you love and is as vital to you as your
  • (Mi) vida (beedah) – it means life, and you use it to refer to someone whom you love so much that they become your whole life.
  • (Mi) gordo/gorda (gordoh/gordah) – even though this nickname means “my fat one,” it is not intended as a funny thing, as most people would use it as a sweet way to refer to their boyfriend/girlfriend or to people they care about, no matter the body shape.
  • Runga (rroungah) – for someone whom you find sweet and lovable.
  • Ojazos (ohjathohs) – this Spanish nickname means “big eyes,” and it is used for someone that has beautiful eyes.
  • Churri (choorree) – from the word “churro,” which is a much loved Spanish pastry. A cheesy Spanish nickname, but very adorable at the same time and is suitable for both sexes.
  • Gordi (gordee) – a sweet way to call somebody. Although it is a diminutive of fat, it does not have a negative connotation.
  • Osito (ohseetoh) – this is an adorable nickname which means little bear.
  • Bichito (beecheetoh) – this nickname translates as little bug, but in Spanish, it is a very sweet way to call somebody who you love or care for.
  • Pastelito (passteleetoh) – it means little cake.
  • (Mi) Romeo/Julieta (rromeoh/huleeatah) – Romeo and Juliet, from the Shakespeare novel.
  • Tío bueno/tía buena (teeo booenoh/ teeah booenah) – a Spanish slang used to refer to an attractive person.
  • Señorito/señorita (sehnyoritoh /sehnyoritah) – this nickname means sir/miss, but in the Spanish culture, it is a nickname given to people who are quite posh and want to be treated specially.
  • Chaparrito/chaparrita (chahpahrritoh/ chapahrritah) – it means “little in stature,” and therefore it would be preferable to avoid if the person could take it the wrong way.
  • Ninfa (kneenphah) – in English, this Spanish nickname translates to “nymph,” and it is given to a woman whom you think is very beautiful and attractive.
  • Papito/Mamita (pahpeetoh/mameetah)– a variation of the nickname “Papi”/”Mami”
  • (Mi) rey/reina (ray/raynah) – this Spanish nickname means king/queen
  • (Mi) hombre (ohmbreh) – meaning “my man.”
  • Papi/Mami (pahpee/mamee) – this is very common in Latin countries, and it would translate as daddy/mommy. It refers to a man/woman you are attracted to, or you find cute.
  • (Mi) cielo (theeelleoh) – it means “sky.”
  • Bebé (behbeh) – it means “baby”
  • (Mi) luz (luth) – meaning light, it is a way to call a person whom you love.
  • Gordito/Gordita (gorditoh/gorditha) – this nickname translates as the diminutive of fat, but in no way is it seen as a negative thing. It can be used with a man/girl whom you love or have feelings for, and it is an endearing and innocent nickname.
  • Regalito (rregalitho) – sweet Spanish nickname for your partner, which means little present.
  • (Mi) Dulce de leche (dullthe deh lehcheh) – this Spanish nickname makes reference to a popular “candy” known in Spanish-speaking countries. It conveys that the person is sweet and lovely.
  • Caramelito (kahrahmelitoh) – this romantic Spanish nickname is the diminutive form of candy, and it is a cute nickname for someone who is sweet and innocent.
  • Meloso/melosa (melohsoh/melohsah) – it would translate as sweet, and it is usually given to people who are not only cute in general but also when they are incredibly affectionate towards someone.
  • (Mi) Amor (ahmohr) – meaning “love.”
  • Cariño (khareenyoh) – meaning “care.”
  • Nene/Nena (neneh/nenah) – this nickname means boy/girl but in street slang, and therefore it is an informal way to call your partner.
  • Chiqui (cheekee) – the origin of this word is related to the Spanish word “Chiquito” which means something tiny. It can be used with anyone whom you want to refer to sweetly.
  • Ricitos (rreetheetos) – used with people with curly hair, as this nickname means small curls.
  • (Mi) tigre/tigresa (teegreh/teegrehsah) – literally, this nickname means tiger, but it is used to describe someone who is very good in bed.
  • Peluche (pehlucheh) – it means “stuffed animal,” and it can be given to anyone you love hugging and whom you care about.
  • Trozo de pan (trohthoh deh pahn) – this nickname comes from two Spanish sayings “estás más buena que el pan” and “eres un trozo de pan.” These sayings refer to the person whom you are talking about as very attractive and also very good and innocent.
  • Galletita (gahyeteetah) – it means cookie, and it can be used with anyone whom you consider lovely and sweet.
  • Conejito (konejhito) – it means “little bunny.” It is a sweet way to call your girlfriend, and it has a little bit of a sexual connotation as well.
  • (Mi) sol (sole) – this means sun, and it implies a delightful way of love.
  • (Mi) Tesoro (tehsohroh) – this Spanish nickname´s translation is “treasure”
  • Adonis (ahdonees) – the nickname comes from Greek mythology. The story tells that Adonis was the most handsome man, and therefore the goddess Aphrodite fell madly in love with him.
  • Ojitos (ohjeetos) – this nickname means little eyes, and it could be used with someone whose eyes you find charming.
  • Luz de mis ojos (louth deh mees ohjos) – it translates as “light of my eyes.” The nickname can be used with that special someone who means the world to you.
  • (Mi) príncipe/princesa (printheepeh/printhesah) – meaning my prince/princess.
  • Corazón de melón (kohrahthohn deh melon) – it means “melon-heart,” and it is used on someone who is considered to be sweet and caring.
  • (Mi) alma (ahlmah) – this translated to my soul, and it is used on someone who means a lot to you, like your partner.
  • Bombón (bombohn) – this means chocolate piece.
  • Bomboncito (bombohnthetoh) – diminutive of “bombón,” which gives the nickname a much more sweet feeling.
  • Cuerpo (kuehrpoh) – meaning body, it is a nickname used to describe someone who is very attractive physically.
  • Mimoso (meemosoh) – used for people who are very affectionate.
  • Precioso mío/Preciosa mía (prethiosoh meeo/prethioah meea) – it can be said to someone whom you consider beautiful, and it denotes possession. Therefore you are saying they are “my beauty.”
  • Enano/Enana (enanoh/enanha) – it means “little person,” but it can also be used with anyone no matter their height, as it is commonly used as a cute way to call your partner.
  • Cuchi cuchi (kuchee kuchee) – this is a cheesy but adorable Spanish nickname used for someone you find cute and sweet.
  • Cosita linda (koseetah lindah) – it means “beautiful thing.”
  • (Mi) muñeca (moonyehkah) – this Spanish word means doll, and it is a charming way to refer to someone, since it implies that the person is fragile, beautiful and small, it conveys a sense of protection to that person.
  • (Mi) niño/niña (neenyoh/neenyah) – it means “my little boy”/“my little girl,” and this is appropriate for any man/woman whom you want to say is handsome/beautiful and also, somehow young and playful.

Funny Spanish Nicknames

Spanish Nicknames for Guys and Girls

  • Torbellino (torbelleenoh) – it means whirlwind and is used to describe a person who does not stop moving and creates chaos around them.
  • Huracán (oorahkahn) – it means hurricane, and it can be used on people who move around all the time and have lots of energy.
  • Freaky (freaky) – this nickname can be used for people who are weird and are only interested in video games, science fiction movies, etc.
  • Diva (diva) – used to refer to people who consider themselves better than others for no reason and expect everybody to give them whatever they ask for.
  • Chulito/chulita (chooleetoh /chooleetah) – used for people who like to show off a lot for no reason.
  • Colegui (kolegee) – this nickname is a sweet way to call your friend/partner.
  • Carota (karotah) – for someone who takes things for granted and disrespectfully takes advantage of situations. For example, this nickname could be used for someone who cuts a line.
  • Cara dura (kahrah doorah) – another nickname for someone who is disrespectful and does things without caring about what other people would go through.
  • Pipi Calzas Largas (peepee kalthahs lahrgahs) – this nickname makes reference to “Pippi Longstocking”. Hence it is used for people who are adventurous and a bit crazy.
  • Bola de billar (bolah de beeyahr) – it means “bowling bowl,” and it can be used for bald people.
  • Yeti (yeti) – this Spanish nickname makes reference to the fictional character “yeti.” It is used to describe someone (usually men) who is hairy.
  • Cursi (kursee) – this nickname describes someone who likes very cheesy things.
  • Serpiente (ehrpeeehnteh) – for people who are very sneaky.
  • Loco/loca (lohkoh /lohkah) – generally means “crazy.” It does not refer to the general character of the person. You can use it when someone says something or does something a bit crazy.
  • Bicho (beechoh) – it means bug, and it’s used for someone who is small and funny, but cute.
  • Loba (lohbah) – meaning she-wolf.  Use it for a lady who acts crazy and likes to party a lot.
  • Gata (gahtah) – “female cat” – used for women who are sexually active.
  • Chupa pelotas (choopah pehlohtahs) – commonly used in sports for a player who hoards the ball and does not allow other players to partake in the game.
  • Cabra salvaje (kabrah sahlbahjeh) – for someone who is wild and independent.
  • Gamba (gahmbah) – it means “prawn,” and it refers to the red color that tourists get after tanning in Spain.
  • Lunes (loonehs) – it means Monday, and it can be used for people who are normally not welcome.
  • Cerebrito (thehrehbreetoh) – a Spanish nickname used to describe someone who is very smart and always studies a lot.
  • Cuatro ojos (kooahtroh ohjohs) – it means “four eyes” and is used to describe a person who wears glasses.
  • Terremoto (tehrrehmohtoh) – it means earthquake and its meaning is similar to “Torbellino and Huracán.”
  • Pallaso/pallasa (payasoh/payasah) – means “clown”.
  • Zorro (thohrroh) – means fox. Used on men who are a shady, wise and probably mean.
  • Zorrillo (thorriyoh) – diminutive of “fox.” Since it is a diminutive, it has a sweet and innocent nature.
  • Paga fantas (pahgah fantahs) – this popular Spanish nickname refers to the friend who always pays for everyone’s food and drinks. It can also be used in a more general way to describe anyone who ends up paying for other people’s debts, mistakes, etc.
  • Tortuga (tortoogah) – it means “turtle,” and it refers to people who are very slow.

Spanish Nicknames for Parents

Spanish Nicknames for Guys and Girls


  • Viejo/Vieja (beeaejo/beeaejah) – these nicknames mean old man/old lady. These two nicknames are quite disrespectful, and most commonly used as a slang term.
  • Jefe/Jefa (jehfeh/jehfah) – these surnames mean boss, and they are quite a sarcastic and funny way to address your parents.
  • Los señores (los sehnyores) – a nickname used to address both of your parents at the same time, and since it is the plural of the previously listed nickname, it can be used the same way.
  • Los señores de la casa (los sehnyores deh lah kahsah) – a funny nickname meaning “the house sir and madam,” which can be used to refer to both parents at the same time.
  • Pa/Ma (pah/mah) – concise way of saying dad and mum, which is quite popular.
  • Señor/Señora (sehnyor/sehnyorah) – señor means sir and señora means It is a sarcastic way of making fun of your parent’s authority.
  • El patrón/la patrona (ehl pahtrohn/lah pahtrohnah) – this sarcastic and funny Spanish nickname for your parents would translate as “the boss,” but more specifically like the boss of an estate.
  • Mima (meemah) – a cute Spanish nickname for a mum.
  • El gobierno (ehl gobeeaerno) – this Spanish nickname means “the government,” and it can be used as a funny way to refer to the authority of your parents over you.
  • El presidente (ehl prehseedenteh) – this Spanish nickname translates as “the president,” and it makes reference to the dad cleverly and sarcastically.
  • Papi/Mami (pahpee/mahmee) – cute and sweet Spanish nicknames which are broadly used by many Spanish speakers.
  • Papa/Mama (pahpah/mahmah) – these nicknames are more commonly used by teenagers, and although they are not disrespectful, they aren’t very nice.
  • La primera dama (lah preemerah dahmah) – this Spanish nickname means “the first lady,” and it is a way to refer to your mother, while at the same time, somehow making fun of her authority.
  • El alcalde/la alcaldesa (ehl ahlcahlde/lah ahlcahldesah) – funny Spanish nickname which translates as “the mayor.”
  • Papá/Mamá (pahpah/mahmah) – classic way to call your parents, like dad and mum. The use of these nicknames is not very common anymore since it is quite formal.
  • Padre/Madre (pahdreh/mahdreh) – very formal Spanish nickname used for parents, as it means father and mother.

Fell free to add to the list right there at the comment box, we will be happy to hear from you!



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