100 Sterling Baby Names That Mean ‘Light’ 2020 Update

100 Sterling Baby Names That Mean ‘Light’ 2020 Update.

Picking a name for your newborn can often be challenging. There are so many names which are unique,  and trendy now that make it even more confusing.  But, it is vital to choose a name that suits your child and brings positivity and success into his life.

Names That Mean Light

Therefore, using a name which means “light” can be an excellent choice. It signifies your child as the little sunshine who illuminates your life too.

Meaning of Light

The word light has a beautiful and versatile meaning to it. Babies born at Hanukkah or New Year’s sometimes are given names that mean light to denote warmth, welcome, knowledge, and home.

Names that mean light also hint a new beginning, or an end to the darkness. Light can be a symbol of so many positive things in life, like sunshine, brightness, dawn, optimism, hope, and happiness, which makes it a popular choice.

Here, full list of names that mean “light in the darkness” and even some names that mean “lightning” for your baby. We hope that with our list of these wonderful names that mean ‘light’, it will be less daunting for you to pick a name for your bundle of joy.

Names That Mean Light

Amazing Baby Girl Names Meaning Light

  • Aurora: Meaning (Latin): dawn
  • Hannelore: Meaning (German): God is my light; grace
  • Dawn: Meaning (Old English): first appearance of light
  • Phoebe: Meaning (Greek): brilliant, radiant
  • Faven: Meaning (African): light
  • Iliana: Meaning (Spanish): ray of light
  • Leora: Meaning (Greek): compassion, light
  • Helena: This Greek name, meaning ‘shining one and bright’
  • Aonani: Meaning (Hawaiian): beautiful light
  • Saskia: it means ‘valley of the light’.
  • Ciana: Meaning (Italian): light
  • Oralee: Meaning (Hebrew): my light
  • Meira: Meaning (Hebrew): light
  • Brighid: meaning ‘bearer of light’
  • Aine: meaning brightness, splendor
  • Sheridan: Meaning (Gaelic): bright light
  • Eileen: Meaning (Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish): Bright, shining one
  • Thea: Meaning (Greek): goddess of light
  • Roxana: Meaning (Persian): dawn; little star
  • Kamaria: Meaning (African): moonlight
  • Mahina: Meaning (Hawaiian): moonlight
  • Nur/Noor: Meaning (Arabic): light
  • Aileen: meaning bright, shining light
  • Ayla: Meaning (Turkish): moonlight
  • Nera: Meaning (Hebrew): light; candle

Names That Mean Light

Cool Names for Baby Girl That Means Light

  • Helen/Helena: Meaning (Greek): shining one; bright
  • Ellen: Meaning (Greek): sun, ray, shining light
  • Sanaa: Meaning (African): work of art; shining light
  • Lucy/Lucia/Luciana: Meaning (Latin): light
  • Chiara: Meaning (Italian): light; clear
  • Eleanor: Meaning (Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish): Light
  • Ilona: meaning ‘light’
  • Yetta:it is an uncommon Hebrew name, meaning ‘light’.
  • Elaine: Meaning (French, Scottish): bright; shining light
  • Ilona: Meaning (Hungarian): light
  • Alina: Meaning (Greek): light bearer
  • Eliora: Meaning (Hebrew): the Lord is my light
  • Zora:meaning ‘dawn’, which in a way means light.
  • Twinkle: It means ‘shine with an unsteady light’.
  • Lita: meaning ‘light’
  • Uriela: (Hebrew) meaning ‘light of God’
  • Luz: Meaning (Spanish): light
  • Zia: Meaning (Arabic): light, splendor
  • Nahara: Meaning (Aramaic): light
  • Lucinda: meaning ‘light’

Cute Boy Names That Mean Light

  • Siraj: Meaning (Arabic): light; lamp
  • Abner: (Hebrew) meaning ‘father of light’
  • Epifanio: Meaning (Spanish): bringing light
  • Jomei: Meaning (Japanese): spread light
  • Xhaiden: (America) means ‘beam of cleansing light’
  • Kira: it meaning ‘ray of light’
  • Omeet: it means ‘my light’
  • Chandler: Meaning (English): Candle maker
  • Apollo: Meaning (Greek): Apollo
  • Udup: (Indian) meaning ‘moonlight’
  • Oran: Meaning (Aramaic or Gaelic): light; pale
  • Neirin: it means ‘surrounded by light’
  • Elior: itmeans God is light
  • Dritan: Meaning (Albanian): Light
  • Lito: Meaning (Latin): light
  • Siraj: (Arabic) meaning ‘guiding light’
  • Jomei: it means ‘one who spreads light
  • Sheridan: (Gaelic) meaning ‘bright light’.
  • Meyer: Meaning (Hebrew): bringer of light
  • Navtej: it means ‘new light’
  • Ner: Meaning (Hebrew): candle or light
  • Dritan: it means light
  • Arell: it means light
  • Roshaun: (Americans, Roshaun) meaning ‘brilliant light’.
  • Lucas/Luca/Lucius: Meaning (Latin): bright; Shining
  • Bhaskar: it means provider of light
  • Probert: (American) meaning ‘ray of light’.
  • Beacon: Meaning (Old English): signal light
  • Abner: Meaning (Hebrew): father of light
  • Mandeep: it means ‘light of the mind
  • Zain: Meaning (Hindi): godly light
  • Anwar: It means ‘light’.
  • Leor: it means ‘I have light’.
  • Uri: Meaning (Hebrew): my light
  • Raiden : Meaning (Japanese): God of Thunder and Lightning

Names That Mean Light

Amazing Boy Names That Mean Light

  • Jayvyn: it means ‘light spirit’.
  • Misbah: it means ‘lamp light’
  • Elior: Meaning (Hebrew): God is light
  • Ambert: Meaning (German): Bright, shining light
  • Chand: Meaning (Hindi): shining moon, light
  • Kiran: Meaning (Hindi): beam of light
  • Faro: Meaning (Italian): lighthouse
  • Harbin: Meaning (German): little bright warrior
  • Ambert: (German) meaning ‘a bright, shining light’.
  • Hikaru: Meaning (Japanese): light or radiance
  • Nuri: Meaning (Arabic or Hebrew): light; fire
  • Aalok: (India) meaning ‘light of divinity’
  • Lucian: Meaning (Latin): light
  • Anwar: Meaning (Arabic): light
  • Chirag: it means ‘light’,
  • Manar: it means ‘beacon of light
  • Usra: (Indian) meaning ‘first light’
  • Uriel: (Hebrew) meaning ‘God is my light’
  • Barack: Meaning (Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili): lightning, thunderbolt; blessing
  • Zohar: (Hebrew) means ‘light’.
  • Pradeep: Meaning (Hindi): light

Finally, Which of these sterling baby names appealed to you the most? Share your choice with us in the comment section below!

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