Striker SKA refuted the rumors about the fabulous salary

Нападающий СКА опроверг слухи о баснословной зарплате

RIA Novosti

SKA forward Andrey Kuzmenko dispelled rumors about the fabulous salaries of hockey players Petersburg club, reports Sport24.

A young hockey player, the summer signing from CSKA to SKA St. Petersburg, has denied allegations that wages at his new club does not fall below 50 million.

“Get less, of course. All this nonsense. Yes, all the money for me has never been more important. I want to play hockey and get pleasure from it.

What I wrote that I earn 60-70 million rubles, it’s all nonsense. It is very big money! I don’t earn that much,” said Kuzmenko.

Earlier Kuzmenko said that it would be foolish not to sign a contract with SKA.

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