Strong explosion in Paris, the injured

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PARIS | A strong explosion occurred in a bakery on Saturday morning around 9 am local (3 am in Montréal) in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, wounding several people, according to the prefecture of police and journalists of AFP on the spot.

The explosion would be of accidental origin, and might have been caused by a gas leak, according to police.

Paris fire were responding to a gas leak in the street of Treviso, when the blast occurred.

The street is littered with glass, because several of the shop windows nearby were blown out by the explosion, found journalists from AFP.

At the entrance of the rue Bergère, a few tens of meters from the site of the explosion, a dozen people injured, including the head, were being treated at about 9: 45.

“We were all sleeping and then we heard a noise, it was believed that it was an earthquake,” says a teenage girl from a street adjoining the rue Montyon. “It is down and we saw a building on fire,” adds his brother.

“I was sleeping and I was woken up by the blast effect,” says Claire Sallavuard who lives on the 6th street of Treviso, the building housing the bakery.

“All the apartment windows exploded, all the doors that were open were out of their hinges, to get out of the house I had to walk to the door, the children were frightened, they could not get out of their room”, she says.

The family has finally had to be evacuated by a ladder by firefighters from the 1st floor.

In the streets, many tourists, suitcases in hand, leaving the many hotels in this central area of paris, the capital, has found an AFP journalist.

Other come out in your robe or end up dressing up hurriedly in the street out of the buildings and to nearby hotels.

A man in bare feet in the air with a wild hair whitened by the dust was taken care of by the rescue.

Around 10 pm, the minister of the Interior and the prosecutor of Paris, Rémy Heitz were on the scene while a helicopter flew over the area