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The term “album” transition is often coupled to a disk where it finds that an artist goes to a different musical genre, or even a new stage.

Marie-Mai – Her and me


In this figure, we could add “implementation umbrella” : an LP, for example, which combines all the professional and personal aspirations, as well as the musical styles of choice of a(n) musician(do) in a seamless whole. This is what Marie-Mai and his collaborators perform on Her and me.

Transition effect

Pop rock from its beginnings up to the winks, more electro, the artist – who signs most of the texts and contributes to the melodies – brings together cleverly his ambitions and his journey of music on this work incredibly contemporary, as much here than in our neighbours to the South.

Basically, it is the pop of its era, damn good and not corny in the least in about.

In a straitjacket

In fact, the only criticism that one can make Marie-Mai on It and me, it is this “will” to be confined to the ” shackles “. Not to mention formatting, the word order of Marie-Mai for these new pieces – with some exceptions – seems to be “sounded” like this that could deliver sisters-in-arms as Laurence Nerbonne, Milk & Bone, or Mariana & The Diamonds, and even Robyn.

That being said, the interpreter noted the challenge.

Brilliantly even.

Snobs Marie-Mai, which I am, should lend an ear. It is a good starting point to (re)discover his career.

Stéphanie Boulay – What I give you does not disappear

★★★ ½

As she does with her sister in their duo, Stéphanie Boulay retains his gift in solo for the text to appearances doucereuses, but that takes the listener to the heart when it is sung by the author-composer-interpreter. The use of the kids to talk about the evils of a young modern woman to be a mother on Your daughter in particularly bears witness. Musically, Boulay does not simply transplanted melodies that would be suitable for her group and opted instead for a detour, more folk retro. No big surprise for the fans of the first hour, but very, very good.

Quality motel – It is not the quality that counts


The compositions of the combo electro are identified and the selection of guests at the microphone, she is amazing (among these were Marie-Élaine Thibert on a piece of sensual desire and Simon Proulx des Trois Accords… in a service in very Simon Proulx) and, yet, It is not the quality that counts hangs rarely, the collegiality between Quality motel and its employees remain often sealed ; the “good flash” taking over the song as such. In concert, however, it is promising !

Antoine Corriveau – forest Fire


The author-composer-performer with a voice gritty offers a maximum of new parts going with the concert of This thing that knocked the hollow of his chest without wanting to stop. Faithful to his habit, Corriveau holds a poetry striking. Listen to Two women, for example, is a fascinating experience for both the music lover feels a little too much in this camera. “Snacks” – for lack of a better term – waiting for the next album of the great dark, forest Fire marie with wonder with the luck of the fall.

Coup de coeur

Zen Bamboo – Volume 4 : Return to the source


Difficult to label the combo local. I hesitate between “garage rock, just enough nihilistic, without, however, abandoning the melody which remains in the head” and ” purveyor of good music “. I therefore opt for the two. Somewhere between the uplifting musical nerve Bloc Party, flight of Jeff Rosenstock and the gift of the hooks of the Strokes, we find Zen Bamboo which, great though it be, does monkey not these references. To buy or listen to it here :