Survey J. E.: “I woke up and someone told me choking very strong”

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Even if 18 years have passed, there is not a day that passes without the victim of a dangerous predator who was beaten, strangled and raped not think of him. She still believes that the authorities are going to stop this murderer, who has made at least one other victim.

“I woke up during the night. Someone told me choking very heavily. I know that I lost consciousness. I had to stop to breathe.”

The life of Mary (fictitious name) had tipped over in the night of July 3, 2000, in an apartment near the University Laval in Québec, so that a stranger attacked her in her bed. She was 20 years old. Since that day, she swore she would help find the culprit.

She lost consciousness that night, but returned to it and found the strength to call for relief. It is on a hospital bed, she woke up.

Completely disoriented, she gradually understood what had happened. Then, a policeman with a kit forensic explained to him that we had to check if she had been sexually assaulted.

A month after the events, she learned that she was not the only one: another young student had been attacked on another campus in the same circumstances.

Guylaine Potvin, 19 years old, had not had his luck: she was murdered a few months earlier, on April 28, 2000, Panet street, near the Cégep de Jonquière.

Profile of victims and circumstances in all respects similar: the police of Jonquière and Saint-Foy (now Saguenay and Quebec) would see their doubts are confirmed when there is concordance between the DNA samples taken from both scenes.

It was indeed the same individual that was at the origin of these two attacks wild in which vulnerable victims were attacked in their sleep, choked, hit with an extreme violence in the face and sexually assaulted.

“Officially,” by the bonds of DNA, it is two. It may be 20. This is the same burden for 18 years: it is free and someone knows something, but nobody talks about.”

Since the first day, the will of Mary has never failed: she wants to find the one who made him live in hell.

It appeared to us on several occasions in recent years, always in the same goal: to revive the memories about these assaults and help revive the investigation, coordinated by the Sûreté du Québec since 2003.

“It is 18 years in prison. It is I who is serving his sentence. It is I who, since 18 years old, have to live with all the consequences of what he has done and he has nothing.”

Why has there never been spotted after all this time? Mary does not know anything. But she wants to make sure that no other young woman will fall into his clutches.

“It is certain that he is not sitting in his basement. He has other victims. This individual has a pattern very special. He strangled me hard enough and long enough to think that I was dead before I attack. It is called necrophilia.”

The parents of Guylaine Potvin don’t know, but they are aware that the fate of Mary and their daughter are intimately related.

“It is a miracle that she was able to get out of it, says Janine Caouette, the mother of Guylaine. It is courageous. We often think of it. It should not loose. There is a light at the end of it. We would like to meet her when she’s ready.”

Mary also thinks Guylaine every day. “Strangely, to know that there are other people involved, it gives them the strength to fight.”

In appearances, she leads a normal life. She founded a family and no longer lives in the Quebec city region. Apart from his or her spouse, almost nobody knows his terrible secret. She must hide her pain, her distress, and to communicate secretly with the investigators.

But she was not afraid of the suspect and does not consider itself as a victim. “Consider Me as a victim, it is to give him a reason. I was just 20 years”, concludes Marie, throat knotted with emotion. Tracks:

DNA match between the two scenes

“Trophies” that the suspect would have kept

– Ring of ending of Guylaine Potvin

– Camera

– Small safe containing money

– Small purse

– Bracelet

If you have information, please contact the Sûreté du Québec at 1 800 659-4264.