Syria: the anti-air defense shoots “missiles” aviation Israel

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DAMASCUS | The anti-air defense of the syrian army came into action Friday night against the “missiles” fired by the israeli air force, reported the official agency Sana, citing a military source that indicates that a “warehouse” within the precincts of the international airport of Damascus was hit.

“Most” missiles fired by “military aircraft, the israelis” have been intercepted, ” says the military source cited by Sana, adding that the incursion was made at around 23 h.

“Only a warehouse in the Damascus international airport was hit,” says the military source.

Citing a source in the ministry of Transport, Sana provides that ” the activity of the airport is normal and has not been impacted by the aggression “.

In recent months, Israel has bombed several times from the military installations of the power of Bashar al-Assad or his allies, Iran and the lebanese group Hezbollah, the two great enemies of the jewish State.

“Two areas hosting military positions of iranian troops and the lebanese group Hezbollah have been taken to target,” said Friday night the Observatory syrian human rights (OSDH).

The targets were in ” the area of Kesswa and in the precincts of the international airport of Damascus “, according to the director of the OSDH, Rami Abdel Rahmane.

In a first step, the agency Sana had reported that the anti-air defense syrian was in action against ” enemy targets “.

On the 25th of December, the power of Bashar al-Assad accused the israeli aircraft fire missiles near Damascus, and the OSDH at the time had already mentioned the sector Kesswa.

The jewish State says regularly that he will not leave neighbouring Syria become the bridgehead of Tehran.

In September, a military plane from Russia, an ally of Damascus, had been shot down accidentally by the anti-air defense of syria, came into action to block israeli fire.