Teen saved by a miracle of the flesh-eating

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A 15 year old girl who was devouring the face with the flesh-eating bacteria was saved by the quick intervention of the doctors who managed miraculously to save his figure. Two months later, she retains that three scars inconspicuous.

Érika Savard, a young woman from Quebec, has lived a nightmare between 11 and 26 September last. First struggling with a small injury in the mouth, stiff neck and fever, the condition of the teenager has quickly switched up to the lead at the threshold of death.

Blood tests, x-rays, lumbar puncture, ct scan, several hours passed before to understand the evil that was eating the young girl. As his face swelled and a red plate is extended, an operating unit of the CHUL is finally booked emergency.

The hell of Érika Savard started with a
simple injury to the mouth and a plaque
red on the cheek.

“Afterwards, they told me that if I had not taken to the hospital that night (September 11), I would have probably ended up dead in her bed in the morning because she was in septic shock,” recounts with emotion the mother of Érika, Isabelle Landry.

Terrible diagnosis

The diagnosis hits the parents of Érika ” as a shovel in the face “. Their daughter is diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, commonly called flesh-eating bacteria.

Quickly, the doctors had to operate on him six times to come to the end of the bacteria that devoured the face.

“When it is a foot, they may have to amputate, but the head we can’t. We had to accept in five minutes they would probably deface our daughter to hope to save it. We were told that if we waited, it was the removal of an eye or the nose, ” recalls Jean-François Savard, the father of the teenage girl.

The doctors start in a race against the clock to save the life of the young woman, a sprint that will last six days, during which Érika will be operated six times. “Each time they returned they had bad news. It was spreading, they were always more “, explains martin, adding that many nerves and major blood vessels close to the face and neck complicated the task of doctors.

Dedication and speed

The dedication of the doctors will finally have the reason of the bacteria. After six days of uncertainty, Érika is finally out of the woods. Their quick response has saved my life.

“While the world has made it a personal matter, and wanted to save it. The doctors who cared for her as if it was their own daughter. Their speed of execution has made all the difference “, emphasizes Jean-François Savard.

Érika eventually spent two more weeks in the hospital to regain strength and to assimilate what she had lived.

“The scars, it was not hard to accept. I’m just happy to be alive “, says the young woman.

After six operations, Érika is now out of the woods.

“I told him to always see his scars like the fact that she is still alive today. It’s part of his history now, ” adds Isabelle Landry posing in a look of love on his daughter.


The mishap will also be closer to the family and offered a new vision of life in the Landry-Savard. “My parents and I are not talking almost. It was difficult before that happens. But it changed everything, ” admits the young woman.

“We felt that she was moving away in the last few months. It may be flat as it has taken it, but it has all changed. One no longer sees life the same way “, complete the parents of Érika, relieved to have been reunited with their daughter, in every sense of the term.

Érika Savard is a true miracle. After defeating the flesh-eating bacteria, she comes out with three scars slightly visible. His parents Isabelle Landry and Jean-François Savard, his brother Gabriel, and their dog Maggie are glad of his return to the house.

The misadventure of Érika Savard

  • 15 years
  • Achievement of necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria)
  • The bacterium is attacked in his face
  • Hospitalized for six days in intensive care in a semi-coma
  • Operated 6 times in the face during this period
  • She keeps only three scars barely visible as a result

She wants to raise awareness of this disease unknown

Just got rid of the bacteria that nearly kill her, Érika Savard deploys its energies to finding ways to raise awareness of the ravages of the “flesh-eating” in addition to wanting to help research on the disease.

This approach comes from the fact that the young woman from Quebec, has never had the confirmation of the strain which had been under siege.

“It is fâchant not to know and say that I will never know,” says the teenager, supported by his parents. “As soon as the patient is pulled in and out of intensive care, the search stops there. The infectious disease physicians are overwhelmed and there is a lack of money, ” adds his father, Jean-François Savard.


When they remember everything they have gone through, Érika and her family’s wish that ultimately, no one living through the same distress and the same uncertainty.

“It was a lot of trial-and-error, because we do not yet know the disease and all of its strains. They have tried many things before being certain that this was it. And they have plugged Érika on a dozen drugs to be certain of having the right. He has been lucky in everything, ” recalls his mother, Isabelle Landry.

“I would love that the next person who is going to have the same thing does not go through the same trial-and-error, the same uncertainty. I’d like it that one can know immediately and we can act more quickly “, wants to Érika, who has already raised over $ 1500 that she wants to submit directly to the hospital or to a foundation. It might also be involved with Child Sun.

The father of Érika also launches a message to all the world, inviting them to pay attention to the infections. Because it is likely to be a simple ulcer in the cheek which was very close to him to steal his daughter. “This is not large-thing to take the time to clean a little sore, a little cut and pay attention to the signs, but that is what makes all the difference. “insists Jean-François Savard.