Ten minutes too much for the Canadian

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TAMPA | For 50 minutes, the Canadian was able to stand up to the best team in the NHL. And then, everything is spoiled by the result.

The two goals scored by Adam Erne in the third commitment have made all the difference for the Lightning, whose record in December is simply phenomenal : 12 wins and one loss (in overtime) in 13 games.

In the locker room, the players of the Habs, after a good effort let’s face it, have not hidden their disappointment. Claude Julien has added their comments.

“We would have had to leave the arena with at least a point, maybe even two, has claimed to be the head coach of the Canadian. Unfortunately, it has not been the case. It all collapsed with 10 minutes to go.

“It is necessary to keep the head high and do everything to bounce back in our next match [to Dallas tomorrow]. We missed a good chance to improve our fate in the standings. This will be for another time. “

Positive Points

Julien has nevertheless retained some of the positive points of this defeat heart-breaking.

“For at least two periods, the players skated, he continued. They had a lot of energy and it was able to limit their space to manoeuvre.

“Against a team as formidable as the Lightning, we made beautiful things, but this was not enough. “

The HP has seen its rivals to register two goals in the middle period to take the lead 4 to 3, but the response was not long in coming. It is with an advance of 5 to 4 that the Habs began the last period.

“Our team has shown a lot of character to fill the gap, said Julien. Maybe if we had taken our chances, the score would have been different.

“And no, fatigue is not an excuse. “

The Canadian was playing yesterday a second game in 24 hours, after having measured the standby to the Panthers of Florida.

“All the teams are experiencing the same situation,” suggested Julien.

“The team is the deepest “

Even if it was rather discreet in the success of his [limited to only one shot on goal and no points], Steven Stamkos was very voluble in the dressing room.

“This team has character and we proved it again, said the captain of the Lightning. I believe that this training is the deepest since the beginning of my life here. We have the talent at all positions. “