The CAQ will introduce a first draft of a symbolic law

Félix Séguin

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The government of François Legault will be her first bill, which has the value of a symbol, to reform the mode of appointment of the next commissioner of UPAC, has learned our Bureau of investigation.

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According to our information, the government will take advantage of the short period provided for the work of the parliament, before Christmas, to submit a first draft of the law on symbolic value.

It will focus on a reform of the mode of appointment of the commissioner of UPAC, the director general of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP).

“It is essential that the public regain confidence in these institutions “, said a source at the ministry of public Security, to explain this decision.

For that the candidates are appointed, they should obtain the support of two thirds of the deputies, as is the case in particular for the Director general of elections.

At the present time, these nominations to the UPAC, to the SQ, and the DPCP are decided exclusively by the council of ministers.

In the margins of the francophonie Summit, two weeks ago, Mr. Legault had confided that he wished to proceed “rather quickly” with these changes. He had not advanced on the point where the draft law could be adopted.

“We’re going to sit before Christmas, is-what are we going to be able to do ? “

The prime minister had indicated that the new mode of appointment, in collaboration with the opposition, ” will be a good test, to see if we can identify someone who is above any doubt “.


In addition, the associate commissioner for investigations, Frédéric Gaudreau, already in position at the UPAC, will assume the role of Mr. Lafrenière, on an interim basis, has also learned our Bureau of investigation.

The duration of this interim will depend on the speed at which the government can enact a law that will change the mode of appointment.

Appointed to the UPAC last summer, Mr. Gaudreau is a police officer of career of the SQ. Specialized in intelligence, he is a trained investigator.

-With the collaboration of Andrea Valeria, and Marie-Christine Trottier