The elite eco-friendly

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In an effort to bring together people of all opinions, which honors the organizers, I was offered to sign the Pact for the ecological transition of Dominic Champagne. I spent a weekend before you say no, thank you. I was taught that journalists must not associate with any cause.

We, the columnists, have forums extraordinary where to share and explain our positions. For example, I believe in climate change. I believe that the human being is for many, it is late to react, and that we should do more to mitigate the effects.


I breached the rule only once in signing the manifesto of Inclusive, during the crisis of the charter of values. I was – and still am – against the ban wall-to-wall religious signs for employees of the State. But the co-signers I have criticized it in public for other positions less appreciated regarding other matters.

It must be very careful before becoming a companion to a cause.

Return to the environmental pact. Are among the first 400 signatories, a lot of names of artists that you associate spontaneously to the left : Micheline Lanctôt, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Richard Séguin, Dan Bigras, etc, and a few personalities from the middle ” popular “. Stars also loved the Quebecers that are Véronique Cloutier, Mario Pelchat, Gino Chouinard, Caroline Néron and Marc Dupré.

Nice effort of inclusiveness, but the pact keeps the smell of elitism. The list of the 400 signatories, including artists, academics and managers of social economy, could be read as the phone book of the golden Triangle : Plateau, Mile-End, Outremont, Saint-Lambert. Good people, who think well, love well, and that compost for decades. People who listen to Klo Pelgag (Chloé Pelletier-Gagnon) and Mozart.

Not Anglos ?

Among the artists, where are the artists as Ginette Reno, Maxime Landry, Marie-May, Ludovic Bourgeois ? And the Anglos ? There’s no Anglos in Quebec ? No Arcade Fire ? Adam Cohen ? Rufus and Martha ?

It’s good to have Guy Laliberté, but there are rich more inclusive than others : Jean Coutu, Pierre Karl Péladeau, Joey Saputo. What do I know, Alexandre Taillefer, and its electric taxis !

The day where the name of Dominic Champagne learnt that Alain Bouchard, president of Couche-Tard, one of the rap Souldia, Guylaine Tanguay, Michel Louvain and Carey Price on an environmental pact, it will be because the cultural elite will be understood that its credibility comes from the people and not of its own importance.

And the business elite, it will be because it would have interest to do it as if he knew something was happening.

The street account

The events of Sunday have been more inclusive, but, to make our governments move on issues of universal and gigantic as the environment, there should be hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, from all walks of life, take to the streets, make them see and hear, all the time, everywhere.

One thing : to bring people together, it is better to let the banners with hammer and sickle and the soviet ” to the house. These symbols are scaring the old, who know what they mean. They know that chanting ca-pi-ta-lis-to me has never improved anything on Earth.