The FBI investigated to see if Trump was working for Russia

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The FBI, the american federal police, opened in 2017, an investigation to determine whether the president, Donald Trump was working for the account of Russia, said on Friday the New York Times, citing anonymous sources.

The investigation of the FBI was quickly merged in the investigation by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller on suspicion of collusion between Moscow and the campaign team of Donald Trump for the presidential election of 2016.

The New York Times does not give indications on the possible conclusions of the research of the FBI.

The FBI opened its investigation following the dismissal of its director James Comey by Mr. Trump in may 2017, according to the NYT. According to sources cited by the newspaper, the survey was a component of counter-espionage and a criminal.

The pane counter-espionage was to determine if Mr. Trump had, consciously or unconsciously, worked for Moscow, and the criminal was on the dismissal of James Comey, wrote the paper, according to which it is not known if the investigations on the aspect of counter-espionage are currently ongoing.

According to the New York Times, the FBI had suspicions about possible links to Mr. Trump with Russia as soon as the campaign présidentiellel of 2016.

But it was not open to investigation until the president Trump dismissed James Comey, who had refused him their allegiance, and to put an end to of the first investigations on a possible collusion with Russia.

Mr. Trump, who categorically denies any collusion of this kind, regularly criticises the investigation of the prosecutor Mueller, whom he considers as a “witch-hunt” and a conspiracy aimed to delegitimize his presidency.

The survey Mueller has resulted in multiple indictments and convictions of close collaborators of Mr. Trump.

The lawyer Michael Cohen has been sentenced to three years in prison, including for breaches of the legislation on the financing of election campaigns.

Paul Manafort, who has been a long time director of the campaign team of Mr. Trump, was sentenced for embezzlement-related activities in Ukraine prior to the campaign of 2016.

And Michael Flynn, former counsel to the national security of Mr. Trump, pleaded guilty to having lied to investigators about his links with Russian officials.