The former boss of Music More Stone Merchant acquitted of rape

L'ancien patron de Musique Plus Pierre Marchand acquitté de viol

MONTRÉAL – Pierre Marchand, the former boss of the chain, Music Plus, was acquitted of all the charges leveled against him, including rape of a minor.

The criminal trial of the music producer, was scheduled to begin Wednesday at the palais de justice de Laval, but it will not take place.

And this is because the Crown has decided not to file evidence, which put an end to the criminal proceedings Wednesday morning and led to the acquittal of the accused, 60-year-old.

Mr. Merchant had been accused in 2017 for facts dating back to the early 1980s, when he was aged in his twenties. The complainant was a minor at the time.

Pierre Marchand, however, pledged Wednesday to keep the peace and not to approach the complainant during the next three months.

The charges were laid on march 27, 2017: he was accused of rape, having had sex with a teenage girl, indecent assault and gross indecency.