The good seller

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You hate shopping for a car? You are afraid of scams and dishonest sellers? I can understand you.

I had once the same feeling when I put the feet in a trade of piece of furniture, and that I fusillais of the gaze, the “preneu of commands” heading towards me, having told myself I only aim to sell me a damned extended warranty.


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This perception, I had, of course, because I’m done riding in the past. With a fake 0% financing, with the purchase of a maintenance service can and a sectional so-called leather. But most importantly, I had this perception because unlike the automotive field, I had a hard time believing that we can in life to be passionate about mattresses and refrigerators. So yes, I just ran away from like the plague sellers of electronics, appliances, and everything that is outside of my field of expertise.

Paradoxically, I’ve always had a lot of respect for the job of a car salesman. A trade, taking, demanding process that requires skills and abilities, coupled with empathy and perseverance. A job where the passion of the automobile, but also for the audience, in my opinion is paramount. And yet, it is one of the three worst professions when it is a question of trust. Because “sellers of tanks”, such as lawyers and politicians, are people we do not believe it.

Why is it so? What is it that explains this image if negative? Because like me, people have experienced bad experiences. Have been, have been cheated. And because there are still these charlatans who tarnish the image of a business yet fascinating.

If I had the idea of a chronicle on the subject is that I recently had two experiences, unfortunately, typical, me proving the incompetence of the two sellers.

The first was a seller of Toyota products only interested in selling his stocks, without regard to the needs of the client, and the second was related to the clear lack of knowledge of a seller Ford, who spoke constantly through his hat. Yet the sympathetic, these two types had serious scabs to eat before I appropriated the title of a car salesman.


Good sellers, it’s there

My years of experience in the field I fortunately have also demonstrated that there is in the middle of great sellers. People who earn a very good living, that sell a lot, but who do not with the eye of the tiger. People who have a passion truly for their product, and who have much to say on the subject. People techniques, which are also the offers of the competitors, and who know how to put their product in light. People who without that we impose on them, will make close follow-up with their customers, which they will be faithful and will return.

The kind of person that will not a concession to the other every six months, because when she invests in a job and it does it thoroughly. The kind of person on the lookout for promotions, able to find solutions, which will answer all your questions and above all, that will not its time to go back and forth between his office and that of its director to obtain approval. Because his manager trusts him.

Also, a person who will know how to detect the lies of the client. Yes! Because customers lie more often than sellers. Even those who do not do so in their everyday life, but for fear of being having the face of a car salesman. The latter, if competent, would benefit from this lie to return it to the client who will carry out without even having to admit to his misconduct, that he did not need to do so.

Trust his instincts

As a customer, you are also able to distinguish the good from the less good seller. His years of service in the concession you say long, but this does not mean that a vendor is newly hired will not be able to satisfy you.

He answered your questions? He was at the height of your expectations? You has he learned? Did you feel under pressure? And most importantly, have you had a sense of confidence on his part and of the other members of the dealership that you would be able to cross?

These are questions that you should ask yourself after a first meeting. I say first meeting, since I do not recommend always to sign on-the-field. The risk of disappointment or live what I would call the syndrome post-purchase is then too large.


The respect of the business

Change the perception of the public towards the profession of automobile sales will not be an easy task. Because eliminate the true charlatans of the field is a huge challenge, especially in this period of shortage of labour. As we said, this is not because we have already bought cars in his life that we know how to sell it. And this is not because it has already sold out of the shoes or hot water tanks that can be from one day to the next day to improvise a car salesman.

I imagine it’s the same for sellers of home electronics and appliances that I have too long neglected. My apologies. That is why today, before you enter the store, I give the chance to the rider. Without being on the defensive. Up to him to prove to me his skill, his expertise, his know-how. And if he stutters, he asks a colleague, that he searched on his cell phone to find an answer to my questions, it will forfeit the game. Simply.

In closing, if you are among the 200,000 who will be visiting soon, the Auto Show of Montreal, do the test. Talk to vendors on-site. Ask questions, take info. You’ll see easily those who are happy to help you of those that would like to find.

I’m waiting to raise my hat to those who take this profession to heart. A job that I love and that I would have certainly liked to practice.