“The iconic Château Frontenac,” the story of an icon in quebec

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Stands on cape Diamond, the most photographed hotel in the world was the castle of all the developments.

On a plot of the promontory is high, the emblem of a nation. Sold a $ 25,000 — which is to say, a pittance in today’s dollars, and the look of the site and its historical and geopolitical —, this small piece of earth history has seen the rise of a building that would alone upset the young kingdom canadian.

Surprisingly, the Château Frontenac has never had a protective function, or royal as its illustrious predecessors, the strong and the château Saint-Louis.

Go back in time

In the first episode, broadcast this week, the series Iconic Château Frontenac, the chain MAtv devoted to this monument, it dates back to the time.

Our exploration leads us to the Seventeenth century. You can visit the different architectural styles of which the architect Bruce Price was inspired to build the Castle. The result is a synthesis that is original, personal and contemporary, which is going to give his style at the Castle.

Of course, the Château Frontenac, this year is 125 years old, but its history spans over three centuries, and the path that leads to his construction, in 1892, is much earlier. We cannot state the symbol and the most significant of our city without its links with what precedes it.

Of course, the Château Frontenac is a hotel. A luxury hotel, but a hotel.

Lawrence Durrell, poet and british novelist, summed up in a phrase that recalls the first episode of this documentary series : “The truth is independent of facts.”

While it is undoubtedly a place of holiday resort, the Castle retains, in its turrets, and behind its battlements and under the varnish of his frescoes, hand-painted, a truth that transcends what we think we know of him. This truth goes beyond the look that we took at one time or another in our lives on this iconic landmark.

Iconic Château Frontenac is released this week at MAtv on the string 609. For full schedule, see the website matv.ca. Available on Club illico, and on illico on demand.