The kitchen of the future!

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For my parents, born in the fifties, the year 2000 was a new millennium, which would place new technologies, such as flying vehicles, food in tablet devices and teleportation instant.

In 2019, force is to admit that we are far away to see in the sky of the DeLorean flying (Back to the future), eat a pie, in the form of pills, brown, yellow and white, or even teleport with the fax of the spaceship Romano-Fafard (In a galaxy near you).

However, a new kitchen would, in turn, make its appearance and create interest particular : the molecular cuisine.

If some have been labeled as kitchen of the future, let’s say, she has taken a place of her own and that she can have fun in the kitchen and impress big and small. Me the first.


Founded in 1946, the company located in the Lanaudière region, is operated by the fourth generation of the same family.

It offers a nice variety of produce, including corn, the ground cherry and the camerise. The u-pick berries is also available.

Off the beaten path of agriculture, the company also operates the Great Maze of Lanaudière, adapted from a corn field whose area is equal to 8 and a half times that of a soccer field.

Inspired by the gummy bears, the beads of cranberries are in reality beads. With its contour gelatinous, the pearl offers a core liquid that you will explode, literally, in the mouth.

They offer a nice mix of both sweet and tart that complements your cocktails and salads. The beads freeze very well and can serve as a nice little ice cube. You will be all the rage !



If 3D printing has allowed them to achieve many breakthroughs and new achievements, there was much more to see it happen in our plates… and in our glasses.

The quebec-based company Devoray, founded by Samuel Hand, has managed to develop, with the collaboration of Nutriart, a new process of 3D printing which allows us to easily create cocktails.

The recipe is simple : in a glass, just put 3D printing, pour the suggested amount of alcohol and water, stir a few seconds and then enjoy a cocktail worthy of the best mixologist.

Nothing more simple that to file the forms in a bowl and let the guests make their drinks.

Currently, it is possible to find the complete package offering cocktails, blood Orange, Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini and Lemonade passion. Health !



Specialized in the field of cooking and mixology molecular, the team of the montreal company Molecule-R is part of the first pioneers to popularize this technique, born out of the merger between the food science and the culinary arts.

Molecular cuisine can push the limits of creativity by altering the appearance and texture of the food.

With the package R-Evolution, you will be able to surprise a cooking and a caviar mint, spaghetti, chocolate or even the tzatziki sauce served in the shape of a sphere.

A spectacular world at your fingertips, many guests to impress.