The Knights in control

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Finalists in the last series, Stanley Cup playoffs, the Golden Knights Vegas have put in the time to start in this season 2018-2019. But in light of the recent performance of the men of Gerard Gallant, the machine seems to be nice and flat.

As an output in one of the many casinos of the capital of the game can turn into gold, the bet in respect of training is paid to participants of the national Pool of hockey (PNH) who bet on it since the opening of the regular schedule. And for others, it is not too late, fortunately.

In their last 12 meetings in front of their supporters at the T-Mobile Arena, the Golden Knights have retained an impressive performance of ten wins and only two losses in the tiebreaker (10-0-2). This comeback has also allowed us to make a leap of three places in the ranking of the well-known columnist Dan Rosen of the 16 best teams unveiled each week on the website of the NHL. Las Vegas is gaining three places from 10th to seventh. The team from Nevada had also won its last seven meetings as of the date of Thursday, – card-of 8-0-2. In the West, the Knights are only two points of the summit occupied by the Calgary Flames.

The Flames always represent a safe value, in the same way that the San Jose Sharks, the Predators of Nashville and the Winnipeg Jets, all teams available in the second category of the HNP, but this return among the elite seems to announce another spring interesting in the desert.

Still Fleury

If the Golden Knights know as much success, in part, this is because of the performance sparkle of Marc-Andre Fleury, who is increasingly the favorite to win the Vezina trophy, awarded to the best goaltender in the regular season. This becomes even more clear when one notes that there is no door-colors of the Golden Knights one of the top 50 pointers ! Like what the team concept can make a striking difference. The recipe from the inaugural season still has good taste.

Top 10 in the general classification

  • 1. Christian Gauthier 789 pts
  • 2. Fred Dumont 787 pts
  • 3. Sylvain Robichaud 787 pts
  • 4. Yan Hémond 784 pts
  • 5. Marc Roy 782 pts
  • 6. Benoit Marchand 782 pts
  • 7. Frédéric Bourgeois 781 pts
  • 8. Denis Gaudet 780 pts
  • 9. Serge Roy, 780 pts
  • 10. Yannick St-P. 779 pts

Top 10 experts

  • 1. Pascal Dupuis 728 pts
  • 2. Ben Rioux 726 pts
  • 3. Luc Grenier 708 pts
  • 4. Félix Séguin 705 pts
  • 5. Alain Chainey 700 pts
  • 6. Roby St-Gelais 695 pts
  • 7. Jean-François Chaumont 693 pts
  • 8. Denis Poissant 691 pts
  • 9. Sébastien Goulet 687 pts
  • 10. Louis Butcher 684 pts

First 5 to classementde the last week

  • 1. André Naud 75 pts
  • 2. Gordon Reed 71 pts
  • 3. Nicolas Pie 71 pts
  • 4. Marc-Alexandre Fortin 71 pts
  • 5. Hugo Gévry 70 pts

Top 5 experts of the last week

  • 1. Alain Chainey 57 pts
  • 2. Benoit Rioux 56 pts
  • 3. Jean-François Chaumont 50 pts
  • 4. Luc Grenier 47 pts
  • 5. Mathieu Boulay 47 pts