The minister Roberge placed on the addition of services at the secondary level

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The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, updated on a addition of services at the secondary and cégep so that more boys and girls get their college diploma.

The Journal reported Tuesday that the graduation rate of boys in cegep is in a free fall for the past six years. During this period, the proportion of boys who get a college degree two years after the expected duration of the studies increased of 57.6 % to 55.9 per cent.

The graduation rate is also lower among girls, but there is a slight increase in the last cohort.


It was impossible to discuss it on Tuesday with the minister Roberge. His press secretary, Francis Bouchard, however, has indicated that the solution passes through a addition of professionals in secondary schools and cegeps to “better equip” the students, in particular in order to better guide them in their choice of career.

According to a survey of the cegep students made public last year, the boys are more indecisive than girls in the face with their choice of career, which could explain that they are less likely to receive a diploma, according to the Federation of student collégiale du Québec.

The liberal Party of Quebec, it is also believed that solutions should first be put in place at the secondary, so that the impacts will be felt up to the college.

The mp Marwah Rizqy says that special programs must be accessible to all. A young and passionate fan of hockey in the district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in Montreal should be able to have access to a free programme of sports education at school, ” she says.

“Wrong direction “

On the side of Québec solidaire, we consider that the situation is worrying. “It’s going in the wrong direction, it is clear,” says Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, a critic of higher education.

The decrease in the graduation rate at the cegep could be explained by the significant increase in the number of students who have learning difficulties, including a high proportion of boys, ahead of-t-he.

“In high school, has been invested to help students with learning difficulties. In college, it still remains to be done “, lance-t-il.

It was not possible Tuesday to get the comments of the Parti québécois on this subject.